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Kaelies Rifle Grenade Mod

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Kaelies' Rifle Grenades

This is a little mod that adds the APAV grenade from Purple's FAMAS pack to the base longarms of Arma 3: Katiba, MX, TRG, EBR, and mk200 (Same muzzle adapter as on the MX), without requiring anything but CBA and Arma 3 to run. They come as muzzle attachments; both one round of ammo and the item are used to shoot each grenade, which has a significantly greater drop than your standard shot.












Many thanks to Purple for releasing his french FAMAS addon as open-source.

Edited by Kaelies

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mate i cant find these in the editor? the addon is loaded ok, but

this addItemCargo ["prpl_apav",100];

comes up with cannot find the item? any ideas? Great work on the addon, not to be a hater, but maybe an ammobox with the items included, or a brief readme on how to access the grenades in the editor might be a good addition to the first post....

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Whoops, completely forgot about that :rolleyes:...sorry kiwi, and thank you for pointing that out. Updated the first post with the relevant information, I'll throw in a readme on my next update. Currently I hope to add in the new grenades Purple put in his latest update, possibly one of my own making as well...might have to wait though till the update after that, though.

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