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BI Soldier - Problem with animations

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I used one of the BI sample soldiers (MLOD) to create my own addon. I open it with Oxygen 2 (latest), change paths of my textures (model is same), and when I finish it, open with buldozer, I see that it's working. Now the problem is when I try to pack that folder into .pbo and put in addons, my soldier appears in game without animations - half in the grould with raised hands, on one side is m4a1, on others is AT4 launcher. Also, model is transparent. :butbut: When I try to binarize my model with binPBO, I get my .pbo and when I put binarized .pbo into addons, my addon crashes on startup with some error in .p3d model (some error 50, I don't remember). What do I need to do to? I would really like to finish my addon, I made really good skin for it.

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