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  1. I used one of the BI sample soldiers (MLOD) to create my own addon. I open it with Oxygen 2 (latest), change paths of my textures (model is same), and when I finish it, open with buldozer, I see that it's working. Now the problem is when I try to pack that folder into .pbo and put in addons, my soldier appears in game without animations - half in the grould with raised hands, on one side is m4a1, on others is AT4 launcher. Also, model is transparent. :butbut: When I try to binarize my model with binPBO, I get my .pbo and when I put binarized .pbo into addons, my addon crashes on startup with some error in .p3d model (some error 50, I don't remember). What do I need to do to? I would really like to finish my addon, I made really good skin for it.
  2. akiman94

    3ds to p3d tutorial?

    I have model of some weapon in .3ds format and texture in .png, is there any tutorial that can explain me how can I put that model into OFP using oxygen, so that it can work prefectly? How to open, dimensions of scaling, rotating, moving, UV mapping... :) Thanks
  3. akiman94

    OFP Addon request thread

    I would like to know, is there any radio program for Operation Flashpoint, like ACRE for ArmA 2? Program that will convert voice to realistic walkie-talkie. I think that is good for multiplayer.
  4. akiman94

    Problem with ping

    Me and my friend Neven want to play ArmA 1 on LAN on Hamachi. When I create server - he can not see it. When he creates - I can not see it. Then he created server on Internet, I saw it but when I always automatically disconnect because of ping. Can anybody help me, what do I need to do? I am not downloading anything, Neven too. http://img7.imageshack.us/img7/5133/arma2012050219272884.jpg (125 kB)
  5. akiman94

    Poseidon - beta version of OFP

    Thank you :) I start poseidon.exe and I am just some free camera... but can I play that game? :D
  6. akiman94

    Poseidon - beta version of OFP

    I have a question. I have OFP Game of the Year Edition, and then once on youtube I seen a video of the old OFP version called Poseidon. Anyone know somthing about it? Can I download it somewhere or buy? :) Game looks cool
  7. I am working on project 'Kosovo Legends' for ArmA II. I need models of weapons. So, I am looking for someone who is good modeller and who can helo us model these weapons for our project. Please answer me, and help us. :)
  8. akiman94

    Problem with Animations - BI Soldier

    Contact me on Skype please, I am akiman94 a mozemo i srpski da govorimo, iliti srpskohrvatski :)
  9. I have a problem. I have downloaded the BI Sample Models Pack Characters and tool the sample model of RACS Soldier. I created in photoshop the skin of Serbian Arrmy, and everything is finish, but when I exported model in game, it can't load animations. I tried to open BI Skeleton and copy all in LOD from SKELETON to Soldier and pasted there and when I saved there are still no animations. Can I get tutorial or something how to make animations working on soldier? Or can anybody contact me on skype akiman94 and explain me please so I can finish my addon? :)
  10. akiman94

    OFP GOTY Question

    Does original version (not pirate) OFP Game of the Year Edition require CD/DVD to play?
  11. akiman94

    I am making mod, I need somebody for help

    I have a model in .obj and texutre in .jpg and I want it to work in OFP propertly (to open .obj in oxygen 2 and remake, resize, texture it . . . ) so that it can work in OFP.
  12. I have one small addon of some units for ArmA 1. Scripts of Units fof ArmA 1 and Arma 2 are not same, so that unit is not workig in Arma 2. Can anyone give me tutorial or some program like addon-helper for arma2 how to script units in config.cpp or how to re-make Arma1 config.cpp to arma2 one?
  13. akiman94

    Sample Models

    If I would like to retexture it Illegaly, then I wound remove this treat. That's why I decided to make them using BIS models. And now can anyone give me tutorial how to merge animations on some BIS Sample Model of character, so that it can normally walk, shoot, stalth . . . in game?
  14. akiman94

    Sample Models

    I saw many addons on sites which are based (models are) on official models. How did they do and how can I make my addon then?
  15. Can anyone give me link where can I download Sample BIS ArmA II models of Vehicles, Characters and Weapons? Thanks anyway :)