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Well that was rotten...

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I sent a message asking for a refund. Here was my original message to the BI Store. I sent it after waiting a week or so for them to respond to my previous request.

The game was Carrier Command: Gaea Mission, bought through Store.Bistudio.com, and I'm requesting the refund because the game is simply too buggy to play. The gameplay is fundamentally flawed, too, but that's another thing. My store.bistudio.com account is the same as this email.

Merry Christmas.

Here's the follow-up:


all refunds are issued solely on our discretion as is stated in Terms

of Service which you agreed to when registering. We do not issue

refunds based on dissatisfaction with gameplay or bugs in the game. All

games have bugs.

In this case I regret to inform you that you are not eligible for a

refund. Please make sure your CCGM is patched to the latest version,



On Wed Dec 19 22:46:51 2012, REDACTED wrote:


> Addendum:

> Order Date: 13. May 2012

> Total: € 19.99Order Status: Paid/Confirmed

> Order Number: 00031961The card number associated with the above

> purchase is not valid anymore. My new one is also a VISA card, but


> > Subject: [iDEA-GAMES-RT #33317] Store.Bistudio.com: Refund

> > From: support@bistudio.com


> > Date: Mon, 17 Dec 2012 11:44:24 +0100

> >

> > Hello,

> >

> > I'm sorry we haven't received any refund request from this email

> > address.

> >

> > Please let me know:

> > - where did you buy the game

> > - what game it is

> > - why are you requesting a refund (if you have any problems with the

> > game, please describe them, we might be able to help you)

> >

> > Thanks.

> >

> > On Fri Dec 14 19:23:29 2012, REDACTED wrote:

> > > This is an enquiry e-mail via https://store.bistudio.com/ from:


> > >

> > > Hi. I have requested a refund but haven't received an answer.

> > >

> >

> >

> > --

> > Best regards,

> >

> > Jan Libich

> > STORE.Bistudio.com/support


Best regards,



Here's the reason this was exactly the wrong response:

BIS has taken a hell of a beating for this game, as the reviewers have primarily focused on the broken AI; Units not firing at the enemy, units driving into each other, units stuck in any object it feels like, units not being able to drive because they're too close to each other, and so on. It is broken to such a degree that gameplay suffers. I think he confused gameplay gripes like the enemy carrier being way too easy to beat; that's minor compared to the aforementioned. On the whole the entire game feels broken. I thought that by beta-testing, my concerns would be addressed. They weren't. I waited for patches, and I got up to 1.03. None of the patches touched upon these problems in any significant way.

Here's the bottom line and the reason I posted this: I feel ripped off, and I regret holding out this long, waiting in good faith for BIS to fix something that should have been worked out before the game was released because a lot of us paid them extra money to help them test it before release. What a rotten way to treat your customers.

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There was a demo released after the game was released. For all intents and purposes, the beta-test was the demo.

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OP you might want to remove those CC numbers from there...

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The OP is not banned but i edited his CC info.


Issues with Sprocket don't belong in this forums. There is nothing we can do here and simple rant threads we don't allow. Sort your issues with Sprocket support via email.


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