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    ArmA 3 on Steamworks?

    Steam exclusive.So sad really. ARMA is the only game(+dlc`s) that I was buying at release day prices. No point in preferring Sprocket anymore also,it will deliver steam keys also. Steam Spring Sale it is then.. It`s not all black or white of course but for any business the less middle men the better in the long run both for producers and consumers. Hopefully the mentality that allowed this first step to be taken considering distribution won`t later affect design.
  2. "With the HC Bar enabled, right-click on a captured town's Depot and select City Menu. You can click on the icons to set the town's preference toward supplies (more income earned) or defenses (larger garrison and more defense teams). A garrison is a team of soldiers that will occupy static defenses in the town. If a town is captured the garrison will attempt to recapture it. It is a good idea to set town's on the border of your territory to a high defensive value." Taken from http://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Warfare_2_Manual
  3. Neopas

    WARFARE BE2 *Rubber Ed*

    Just tried your mission on UX server and it was a blast! Very meaningful changes.
  4. Neopas

    Fps lag on good pc

    Since the problem is mostly in towns, reducing object detail and using less AA may help (if the problem is in the settings). Definitely try the latest beta ,as suggested, especially since you are playing DayZ.
  5. Neopas

    Fps lag on good pc

    Your pc is fine (better than mine anyway) but not THAT good.In Arma2 increased view distance and lot of AI`s can stress much beefier systems.According to my experience a ssd drive makes texture streaming smoother and reduces potential stuttering but will not increase framerate. Check the stickys at this section of the forum for more info.
  6. Neopas

    New Arma title revealed at CES? Arma Tactics?

    I love TBS games. Good idea BIS!
  7. Not so fine imho considering that even until now ppl are still coming here, asking what they need to buy in order to play or why they can`t join servers.
  8. Neopas

    Welcome back Ivan & Martin!

    Finally back to your families. My best wishes.
  9. OP you might want to remove those CC numbers from there...
  10. Neopas

    V-sync not working

    Just to make sure,you are running the game fullscreen not windowed,right?
  11. I do get sounds of thunders and birds but not of raindrop.
  12. Cool!!! Looks very nice indeed...
  13. Neopas

    Horrible Graphic Bugs

    I had some similar issues when I had a 4870 512mb . Setting textures to low was helpful in my case.Also increasing size of virtual memory might help.