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***= Major_Mayhems=*** *** Iron Reich *** Co-op Group

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Everyone is welcome to join us for

the Iron Reich 5th Panzer Division Co-op mini Campaign "The Phoenix "






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Iron Fridays

Looking for a few good men to join us for a game this Friday Oct 10th 10pm EST.

we average about 8 loyal players these days and are using Regular Vanilla IFL44 with Tunngle. or Direct ip

we will be playing some new missions from three different new co-op campaigns and maybe a TvT.


Iron Reich Co-op Group

IFR Forum


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Whats up everybody, want to let those of you who still play Iron front, or are interested in playing IF in Multiplayer, Major Mayhem still runs his

server at the same times and same server address every Friday, Sat, and Sunday nights, mostly fri & Saturdays.

Im there only on Saturday nights because i work Fri nights but Sundays major will run the server if people are going to play best to check

out the steam group linked on Majors post above..


We still been going since the last post here by major, most of the posts and updates about the server, chats, posted vids, ect,. are on IF Fan forums here on Major's thread:


If you want to keep up on the missions we play and have played check out my playlist of all the sessions I recorded:


Hope to see you there!

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Hey guys an update here,

Major is still running his server, from IF Fan forums I quote:



Join Major Mayhems Dedicated Iron Front Liberation 44 Server
Up and running now 24/7


port   2302


Hosting all 105 of Major Mayhems Missions plus:

  • Rowdies Domination
  • FK Domination
  • Evolution Blue

Login as admin no password needed


Please make a donation for the server if you can using paypal to Wallcraft Inc.

Major Mayhem



If anyone wants to join us in coop we play on his server

fri,sat, and sunday

10pm Eastern time, USA.

This past Sunday i joined the old crew again, after a long break, and had alot of fun!

If your interested in seeing what our missions that we play look like you can

see all the videos i recorded since i been playing here:


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Plural,   ;) video's,  its a playlist, theres 36 videos in the list, each one is from every session i had with

the group since 2015, and more to come!

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Recorded on August 5th, just the three of us were playing that weekend:


Just finished recording another session with the group on a new mission called Sturmtroopers - 37 - Panzerblitz

which is a new 37th mission to the Sturmtrooper Campaign series.

heres a screenshot i took of Major Mayhem who was the last survivor of the mission taking out a tank and several infantry, while other forces converging on his position.

new video i should have the video up sometime this week!

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From last sunday's session the 19th.

Here is the 1st episode of Sturmtroopers 37 - Panzer Blitz!

I have 2 more episodes from this session because the videos i recorded ended up being like 3hrs long,
so i had to split them up, episode 2 coming soon!

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Whats up Iron front fans, been a bit since i posted here, this is a video from sunday's April 14th's session coop

in Iron Front: Liberation 1944 (the game):

We play every Sunday evening at 10pm eastern standard time (9pm Central) on Major Mayhem's server which is up 24/7

if your interested in joining us to play in a custom campaign mission join our server on 10pm east time, USA

we usually have 6+ players when we play.

Major's Missions arent for the faint of heart, bring your skills and plenty of ammo because you will need it!


Server address:


port   2302

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8 Year Anniversary of Iron Front this May "2020"

JAN 3 @ 5:00PM - MAJOR STFU (Major Mayhem)

It would be great to have a big game of Iron Front one Sunday with all the veteran players of the past for the

(8 year anniversary of "Iron Front" ) sometime in the next few months. lets come up with a date ...soon

This May of "2020" Iron Front will be 8 years old and we've enjoyed keeping it alive all that time even though it was considered a dead game from the day of release.
Even with its cursed reputation for eight years Iron Front kept our small group coming back for more.

The Major Mayhem server is still up and running 24/7
and it would be great to get a few donations to keep it up another year
for the IFL44 hardcore Fans. if you can help please donate a buck or two to
my Paypal and lets all Rally a big IFL44 game for the 8 year this game is dead anniversary.

70 New missions Added to the server 1-1-2020
Join Major Mayhems Dedicated Iron Front Liberation 44 Server
Up and running now 24/7
port:   2302

Major Mayhem


The group's Discord https://discord.gg/rMu6gXy

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Whats up Iron front Fans!
A reminder to those who are wanting to play Iron front or IFA3

***Major Mayhem's Iron Reich Coop group***

  • Iron Front: Liberation 1944
  • Iron front in Arma3 (IFA3)

Come join us on Saturdays & Sundays at 10pm eastern,
9pm central time USA.


Discord Server:



Dedicated Server
port 2302


Iron Front: Liberation 1944 game
For Iron front the game if we do play be sure to have the DDay DLC.


IFA3_AIO_Lite (IFA3)
For IFA3 we use the following mods when we play, these are required:
any questions or problems let me know. Cheers!


Video recorded on Sunday April 19th, 2020

Due to the lack of supplies and massive losses to our armor and infantry in the past month all remaining forces have

retreated back 15 kilometers (9.32 miles) or more to try to establish a new front line.

      The five of us here who are whats left of us still remaining in the city are trying to gather any weapons

and ammo while moving south down a long stretch of road through enemy territory back to new established lines, along the

stretch of road we come across our own fallen that were also trying to escape.


April 27th's game

We played IFA3 last night (April 27th) in a mission called Panther's Tale, its from one of Major Mayhem's Campaigns
there were 7 of us in the mission, was alot of fun, for those of you looking to play IFA3 with a bunch of guys in custom missions
come join us, we play Saturday and Sunday nights.

Here was the results of last nights game:
I was flying the Ju87 Stuka with 37mm Gunpods the entire mission, supporting the tankers, and the infantry.




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