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    trouble hosting question

    how and WHERE do you change these settings someone suggested to be able to host a game like we used to ? i.e. Gameport : 2302 Steamport: 2302 Steamqueryport: 2303 where is steamqueryport?
  2. Iron Fridays Looking for a few good men to join us for a game this Friday Oct 10th 10pm EST. we average about 8 loyal players these days and are using Regular Vanilla IFL44 with Tunngle. or Direct ip we will be playing some new missions from three different new co-op campaigns and maybe a TvT. Iron Reich Co-op Group IFR Forum ~S~
  3. Iron Reich Co-op Group Forum is recruiting - join here ~S~
  4. Iron Reich - Phoenix Rising - German Co-op Campign 12 co-op missions total Red Front - Russian Co-op Campaign 13 of 26 co-op missions released ~S~