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    How to exit chopper V key not working ?

    Confirmed bug in the chopper mission , cannot leave helo
  2. Bobcat26

    How to exit chopper V key not working ?

    No I'm talking about landing a chopper and just wanting to get out , just that simple ,would like to step out of a chopper on the ground, after landing, it doesn't work!
  3. How to get out of a chopeer when the V key isn't working ??? thanks
  4. If you can afford it HellJumper, Buy Both, Iron front has better armor. ~S~
  5. Thanks Tay-UK,,, I'm There !
  6. I guess I should have tried the install key before posting. thanks for the help. Wolle , sig fixed ~S~
  7. you must be referring to the installation key , its asking for a serial number not the installation key. correct ?
  8. I had this installed on my XP no problem. I just reinstalled to my new PC with windows 7 and I need to authenticate the game through secureRom. There was never a serial number given with the disk so how can I authenticate ? where is the serial number its asking for ? yes I read through the sticky above and tried this fix that didn't help I do not have the option for only user on step 8# , I only have users-pc-users or administrator-pc-administrator Thanks 1, Run REGEDIT 2, Expand HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE 3, Expand Software 4, Expand Wow6432Node 5, Expand Bohemia Interactive Studio Not Bohemia Interactive 6, Click ArmA 2 OA, If you only see 1 file named "(Default)" And type REG_SZ then, 7, Right click the ArmA 2 OA file and go to Permissions 8, Left click YOUR USER, NOT! Users 9, After selecting your user click on Advanced 10, Yet Again click on your username for your pc and click on edit 11, In the drop down menu select This Key and Subkeys 12, You will see allow and deny make sure all allow boxes are ticked then click ok 13, you will be taken back one Dialogue box, Click Apply and OK and the same again on the next dialogue box. 14, Now you should see 4 files sat in your ArmA 2 OA folder, Names, "(Default)" "Data" "Key" & "main" 15, Now play your game hassle free
  9. The road barrier is not a pile of rubble. its the gaurd gate that raises and closes at most common road blocks. I've seen this in the game since OFP, its called road barrier in IFL44 and I believe its called the same in the ArmA editor.
  10. I used a code to open and close the road barrier gate back in OFP. seems like it was a trigger that activated the object I've searched and searched and cannot find it. I found several posts about the Gates and doors but nothing on the road barrier I would be very grateful if anyone remembers this code for the animation of the Road Barrier
  11. Bobcat26

    1/2 off Iron Front

    http://www.greenmangaming.com/s/us/en/pc/games/shooter/iron-front-liberation-1944/ On sale again ~S~
  12. Bobcat26

    game support ?

    I feel your pain. I just fired up Inv44 for the first time in ages. they really have polished that mod up nicely. if I could only clone myself. ~S~
  13. Bobcat26

    1/2 off Iron Front

    If your a mission maker their is a work around for the pumpkin head issue that Beagle didn't mention :confused: http://forum.iron-front.com/showthread.php?1092-A-Pumpkin-Head-Workaround ~S~
  14. https://store.bistudio.com/iron-front ~S~