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[CAMP-SP] BIOHAZARD (zombie campaign)

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This is my old zombie campaign for arma 2 (i made this in March 2010). In this campaign your team fly to Chernarus to find new virus sample in secret Umbrella corp complex. This new virus can kill infected/zombies in few minutes.

Campaign "Biohazard" v.2.0

For playing you need:

Arma 2 CO v1.59 [Arma 2 v.1.09 and Operation Arrowhead v.1.59]

Needed mods/addons

Undead mod v.0.84 by Charon




- English version

- small bug fixes in missions and in briefings


- (December 2010) final Polish version

Short info:

-zombie campaign for arma 2,

-7 missions single player campaign,

-intro, outro, few cutscenes,

-now all briefings and texts are in English, sorry for mistakes in briefings, i dont speak english to good,

-you can change weapons before mission in briefing,

-if you need waepons and ammo you can search dead soldiers or maybe you can find ammo boxes,

-most of the time you shot to zombies but sometime you must fight with survivors becose they want to escape from Chernarus, and they think there are save places somewhere outside Chernarus,

Ps: This is easy campaign with simple tasks but if someone like to shoot to zombies he can try this one. :)


Campaign Biohazard v.2.0


Armaholic mirror:

Campaign Biohazard v.2.0


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@That guy

I dont think so, but this is good idea :) and you can very easy add shotguns. If you like to use them, find weapon and ammo classnames here or in bi wiki and add them to all missions in description.ext. It is very easy. Maybe i will add shotguns if I will make v2.1 in future ;).

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