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Misc 30 Infection: Chernarus - Addon-free zombie PvP!

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Map: Chernarus

Players: 2-30


A zombie apocalypse is about to sweep over Chernarus. All it takes is one little zombie that gets through the quarantine and starts infecting people. This is the story of one such occurrence.


The mission starts with one zombie against everyone else. Every dead survivor will respawn as a zombie, and their new task is to kill their former comrades. The mission ends when time is up or everyone has turned into a zombie. The original zombie always kills on the first hit, the others need two.


  • The mission supports both Arma 2 only and Combined Operations; the weapons differ depending on the game
  • Addon-free but convincing player-controlled zombies
  • Zombies can jump, moan and see in the dark
  • Each survivor looks different and has a different weapon
  • Custom healing script with unlimited bandages
  • Pistols are accurate
  • 21 locations to choose from
  • Different weather and time settings


Mission and scripts: Celery

Noises and screams: Thief II: The Metal Age and freesound.org


Arma 2

Mod compatibility:

The mission has been designed to run without mods but should work fine with most mods. ACE is accommodated by removing the stamina feature.


Put the pbo file into your ArmA 2\MPMissions folder.

>Download version 0.9b<

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awesome..... ever since ur first zombie mission, almost every 1 have had imagine a idea like this, ability to infect player n turn them into a Zomb and kill other player, just none of us hav the skill to achieve it....

BIG BIG ty, will test it out and report bug and feed back asap...

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well thought well plan well balance and shit load of fun..... the best hunter and hunted mission out there....

no bug report cause we just can't spot any bug but its for sure that the game has smooth FPS, random every time.

its not only fun playing also fun taking about it,,, we had a little debate about game balance.... but bottom line no game will never be balance snice every 1 hav their own opinion. well im not sure that u would make a update version or not or even wanna listen at all,,, but here is what we had argued about.....

1:medic pack

some say medic pack should be imited infinite heal isn't fair for Zomb side like adding a medic station or randon medic pack on dead body or setting at parameters.

but some also say zomb side just need more team work and make good use of the 1 hit 1 kill zomb or hunt in pack it is a short game after all.

2:zomb sonar sense limitation

some say even with the 60 meter limit its still way difficult to hunt down human sepecially the smart 1 that make good use of the trees bush and building, limit should be off or adding thermal view for the zomb but with limited VD, since we can't smell through our monitor.

but some also say the zomb now is perfectly balance, any more will be totally over kill, beside shouldn't the player be reward for playing tactically and ammo is limited, u can run but u can't hide forever also and little team work would fix any thing, also its already easy enough to hunt down human and better yet more and more people will end up on the zomb side every game.

and we did hav more aruging point but just can't remember them any more, my opinion about the game balance, it is spot on perfect not thing should be change or add... only thing u should add is a little pretty picture on the armaholic page that represent ur mission, they do caught people attention.

BIG BIG ty for ur time and effort, arma wouldn't last with out mod maker and talented mission creator like u.

Edited by j rock

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Thanks for the great feedback. I think I'll limit the bandages to two per survivor. I'll also add a direction indicator with a high margin of error that increases the closer you are. I've encountered a massive amount of bugs myself in the mission, and I'm starting to feel embarrassed that I released it so early. The mission is a disaster when played in vanilla A2 with survivors mostly spawning without guns. Expect an update within the week. :)

Edited by Celery

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well we run ur mission on some body PC not dedicated server and we all got combined op.... the guy that own a dedicated server went disappear into thin air.... if we can't find him we can't test bug that only happen on dedicated server... though it seems perfectly fine if we host it our self... well only the authour knows whats wrong with its brain child,,, good luck

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Apologies about the slight delay regarding my promise on the release date. I'll try to sort this out in the near future. There are still a couple of bugs left in the mission that fall in the category of really mysterious shit courtesy of the Arma 2 engine.

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no apologies needed,,,, ever,,,, matter of fact i should be very very thankful for the update and knowing that u still trying to hunt down the bugs...

well it might be a bit late for more bug report and more feed back now, but just gonna let u know any way, sory i didn't notice it earlier


1: after a human turn zomb, he will still be shown on the human map, untill he is kill again, or respawn


1:if there r flash light weapon to chose from would be nice,,, if we set every thing to random some time we would end up in total darkness with less then 10~ish meter visibility but on the other hand zomb could turn NV on and get 50 to 100 ish meter visibility wich make the game ending very very quickly (note! we DO love scary darkness, we just need a flash light)

2:this game really require moral player to keep the game fun for both side... like if human all start camping at the very beginning at some where zombie proof like pier or the falling apart warehouse or the church or the blue warehouse or basicly any where with a roof and minimal exit.

some of us think that it would be nice that if there were some task that human must do in order to keep them moving.... some thing that human can c on map but zomb can't, like awesome gear like nvg or less ammo at start but they hav to go get from ammo box scatter around or tasks like collecting parts to repair a car so they can bugger out and win.


the first zomb can spawn some ai zomb every few minute (like L4D boomer), until the balance turn like 20% of human player turn zomb then the first zomb will lose the ability to spawn ai zomb...

well regardless what this missions surly is going into our favourite PvP mission list, like 1 of ur earlier work razing of zargabad.

thx again for ur time and effort spent to create all the awesome u hav create, namely zombie apocalypse series and infection and razing of zargabad..... i m sure i hav missed alot of ur mission... do u hav a link or list where i can find the rest of it....

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