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Thoughts on using enemy uniforms

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My first thought when I saw this was "oh man, this is silly".

Most of it has been pointed out here. Security when entering bases, the amount of time required to change uniforms, the fact that soliders who serve together also no eachother and most of all, the fact that most soliders have tasks. If someone is missing, or haven't reported in during war time, it will be investigated. Especially if you take out a guard. A guard is a guard, and a guard reports status now and then.

The thing is, the effort is better focused elsewhere. Focus on better AI and stuff, instead of wasting time on stupid things like this. I have no problems with moders doing this kind of stuff, but it doesn't have a place in the core game. Infiltrating a base in the middle of the day using opfor uniform is suicide.

Then, about vehicles: When you are driving civilian or opfor vehicle, especially civilian, it should be a bit less chance of being spoted. Opfor vehicles have coms for sure, so most vehicles are accounted for. Driving one would cause suspicion.

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