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PvP Animation replacement/enhancement pack

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On 28.10.2017 at 8:16 AM, chrisb said:

 Wow, there are so many.


The main thing to sort out, if you can, takes a lot of testing, is the ai. If your playing sp or coop against ai, then it's a must really. I got past all that a few years back now. But I left one  vid up of the little over 300 I originally had, unlisted now, that shows some of what can be done with ai using (publically) available ai mods. Its only my view, so you may not like the results, many do and many don't.


Its not a bad place to start 'ai'. But difficult to get working the way you want.

GL4, SLX, Zeus (the ai mod), SMK anims, st collision & evasive. Well its hard to go back and think about it all. These mods have to be mixed to get better results. It's not the conventional theory that you should mix mods, but I found it much better, the ai are much more believeable. Also folk will tell you things aren't supported anymore, its true, but they still work, if you test with others or changing little parts yourself.


Units, aircraft, armour, weapons, tac, etc, is personal choice really. Armaholic is a good place to start from. Just look around and see what you think you need or want. There are vast amounts of mod/addons on there (AH) and out there (google).


Ace2 is good if you don't have access to a more advanced type of mod. But its all there in other mods and addons, its just brought together quite well in ace. Don't rely on ace for ai.


Sound, well acex (ace),  JSRS, Vop, PSM etc, there are many more. Armaholic again, just try them out see which you like. I use in the video... not sure now :/, I think it was acex or it could even be vanilla. Can't remember. I use a lot of mods that are group mods (not publically available). If you get into a good group they're likely to use some of their own stuff.


I know its not very helpful, but mods are very much a personal preference, just try them and see.

For the ai, I'll put back up a vid I have on the channel. I don't really use the channel much now for public mods. But I have one there somewhere. Give me a few days to get it sorted. GL4 is the main mod to use and if you make missions, you have to use the GL4 format, there are details in the mod DL (Armaholic). GL4 can break some missions that are not made using that format, so beware. 

If your not into making missions, then ASR is good enough and shouldn't break much. I haven't used ASR, only for testing, so don't really know much about it, other than it wasn't the behaviour I wanted from the ai.


A mention of terrains/islands. There are a huge number (hundreds) available and out there. But again AH is a good start, so worth a good look through. Every terrain, in my view, is worth a look.. Some you'll use much more than others, but they're all great in their own ways.


We have to be thankful to those that put all this content out there. Arma is one of the few games that has a dedicated community, here and in other places. Some of the groups that surround this series, are very serious about the game and content, so worth looking around for one of those groups. Not rank type things, although some/many like that. But groups that play well together and value each member plus play the same way. Arma is best played either sp or with like-minded people. Standard MP is a minefield, best left alone. ;)




Just a footnote to all that. A3 has better aircraft, as in flight model.. (not driving, its bad in A3) But... The ai can't use that too well, so yes, better for the player in the aircraft, but for those on the ground, if ai are around using aircraft/vehicles.. Not so much. The ai in A2 use all the available content better, imo than A3's ai. When modded, they use it even moreso.


Blimey, I rarely come on here and write anything this long now.. ;)


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