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Invasion 1944 - Free Fall

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UPDATED 13/11/2010:

Invasion 1944 Free Fall MP TvT Mission v0.7 DOWNLOAD HERE

Addons required: Invasion 1944 Modifaction for ArmA2

Game mode: Team versus Team

Players: 1-64


-Both sides start in the airbase (which are not capturable, all equipment there respawns and kills/personal score does not count towards winning to lessen base camping).

-Each side has infantry, paratroopers, pilots and armor, only players of the correct class may use their allotted vehicles.

-Points are gained by capturing and holding three key zones (two supply dumps and the town of Gorka).

-Holding a supply dump for one minutes gains 25 points, while holding Gorka gains 50, server admins can set the score limit via parameters (currently 1000, 5000, 10000, 20000, 50000).

Version 0.7 notes:

-Rescripted zone capture system

-Points gain faster but now need more to win

Version 0.6 notes:

-Gameplay and unit structures changed so much since previous version its probably best to start fresh ;)

Future plans:

-Paratrooper only transport planes.

-German Transport plane (next I44 mod update)

-Other goodies!

Let me know how it runs, how it plays, where it lags, and when it breaks!

See you in the skies!

Edited by PacUK

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This sunday (14th November 2010), Kelly's Heroes have kindly offered to host the mission Free Fall for a public game, we'd like to get as many people playing as possible they'll be a bunch of the I44 development team so you can shout your requests at us in person while we run around the battlefield!

If you haven't had a chance to play Free Fall yet the latest version offers a chance for all types of players to get involved in the fun. So whether you like driving around in tanks, storming trenches with your friends, dive-bombing armor convoys, or even sitting in the rear giving mortar support to the advancing infantry there should be something for you to do and enjoy!

Click Here for Kelly's Heroes webpage for Teamspeak 3 and game server details!

Click Here for the Free Fall Event official topic on I44's Forums

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Just updated, everything *should* now work as intended! Let me know if you find any problems! Otherwise next update will be for the CO version of I44.

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Thank you so much PacUK!

This has been exactly the mission I have been waiting for after the Mod I have been waiting for (Inv44).

My friends and I are not into Coop (we'd love to but Arma-KI is still not my flavour) and we also don't like simple DM/TDM Maps that try to be like counterstrike.

The way to play the "combined arms" stlye are endless now... with WWII units.

It even didn't lag on a non-dedicated host.

The problem was (especially as we were trying this map with only 2 players on each side): The distances are a bit far for our taste. It's difficult to keep my friends playing when they got killed after a long travel - especially with those slow tanks. As far as I got it you always have to spawn at the airfield.

Id propose to place at least the tanks (or some of the tanks) closer to the center. Perhaps as a spin off of the current map? The spin off could also pack groups together in less groups so 2-4 players on each side can command more AI (if they want to). AFAIK it's not possible to command other groups without a human leader, right?

Planes are fine where they are of course.

Keep up the good work and I hope the community will provide more TvT Maps - especially small and medium scale maps for 4 to 12 players.

PS: Is there a way to select another slot after dying without having to end map?

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First if you use a dedicated server on one of your machines you can still play locally but as thats the server any of you would be able to rejoin without restarting the server directly.

Travel time is something I want to address, possibly with spawn camps setup by infantry etc. Also tanks will probably be altered to respawn on the spot with low armour, fuel, and health so that players then have to make use of the supply points and bring up trucks to put the vehicle back into action, instead of driving the long way to Gorka.

Cheers for the feedback and check your pm about editing ;)

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Well I was not precise about my reassign problems. The server didnt need to be restarted but I had to leave the mission to get on another slot. I guess that's just the way to do it.

Im really looking fwd to see your upcoming versions! Already my favourite map! Finally a good map to strafe my buddys with a BF109 ^^

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