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    Invasion 1944 - Free Fall

    Well I was not precise about my reassign problems. The server didnt need to be restarted but I had to leave the mission to get on another slot. I guess that's just the way to do it. Im really looking fwd to see your upcoming versions! Already my favourite map! Finally a good map to strafe my buddys with a BF109 ^^
  2. Bisch

    Invasion 1944 - Free Fall

    Thank you so much PacUK! This has been exactly the mission I have been waiting for after the Mod I have been waiting for (Inv44). My friends and I are not into Coop (we'd love to but Arma-KI is still not my flavour) and we also don't like simple DM/TDM Maps that try to be like counterstrike. The way to play the "combined arms" stlye are endless now... with WWII units. It even didn't lag on a non-dedicated host. The problem was (especially as we were trying this map with only 2 players on each side): The distances are a bit far for our taste. It's difficult to keep my friends playing when they got killed after a long travel - especially with those slow tanks. As far as I got it you always have to spawn at the airfield. Id propose to place at least the tanks (or some of the tanks) closer to the center. Perhaps as a spin off of the current map? The spin off could also pack groups together in less groups so 2-4 players on each side can command more AI (if they want to). AFAIK it's not possible to command other groups without a human leader, right? Planes are fine where they are of course. Keep up the good work and I hope the community will provide more TvT Maps - especially small and medium scale maps for 4 to 12 players. PS: Is there a way to select another slot after dying without having to end map?
  3. Thanks Canukausiuka! Im curious what will be the result. But keep in mind that Im pretty clueless about arma editing. But Inv44 will change that :) @ag bo$$ Well I really like the heavy revoil of the MGs at least. No MG42 hipshooting and I like that. You have to go prone. But too bad Arma doesnt handle gras in a better way. Beside that the mod will feature a lot of firefights without futuristic sights, ultrahigh magnification, aim points etc... lots of iron sight and even single shot action. This should lead to far more interessting firefights PS: I love this Mod! Thanks to the Devs and all kind of helping hands!
  4. This mod made me even messing around with the editor! Semi-off-topic: My KI 109 doesnt attack hard or soft targets. Although even equiped with bombs. Is did set a waypoint with attack. Plane arrive but doesn't attack. No inf, no vehicles. Am I doing it wrong or is this on purpose Side note: It's not possible to fire MG and Cannon the same time in the 109, isnt it?
  5. I really like this Mod! Finally he is here and he is good! Looks like you can run it with OA but is it still recommended to use the regular Arma2? Are there any (small) PvP-Maps yet? Never liked the Arma-KI and I want to try this out with my friends. Even a basic CTF map would do.
  6. Bisch

    obj 05 Sniper

    Thanks! Brilliant mission! Played it with my friends yesterday and it was hell of a fun! Thanks again!