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  1. So I ran into an issue a while ago, where I'd be trying to use my flight stick (First my Logitech Extreme 3D Pro, Now my Thrustmaster HOTAS X) in a jet or helicopter, but when I pushed my throttle all the way forward, nothing would happen. After extensive Google searches on this issue, I saw that most people had a problem with the throttle being split between thrust and brake, but nothing about my specific issue, which brings me here. At first, I would only have to hold the Shift key for a few seconds to get the plane going, after which it was fine, but now as soon as I let go of Shift, I just slow down. I think that some power is being applied by the throttle, but it never goes to 100% (or when I hear that whoosh sound that you get when flying normally at full throttle). I checked in the controller settings, played with deadzones, sensitivity, and all that but nothing so far has worked. And the reading on that screen registers the throttle at 100, it's just that the game doesn't. Any help at all with this issue will be appreciated, because my forte is flying (and I'm not good at anything else in the game).