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  1. StokesMagee

    gui_styles.hpp not found

    Interesting, i've never had this issue, if i was you i would verify arma 3. if you imported the dialog, make sure that you don't have any #includes within the parents parameter, but arma should compile those and remove them if you imported it via configFile, but if you imported via guiEditor export, then i would check the parents param.
  2. StokesMagee

    Terrain Grid problems

    Could be related to not having a satellite image for the map.
  3. StokesMagee

    Terrain Grid problems

    I'm pretty sure that the grid positions are based on the size of the map, Altis, and Tanoa both do the same thing. http://stokesmagee.net/i/mountainous_midge.png
  4. @dram Here is my input. I got the game, and played it for a good 8 hours long, i like it, i didn't get very far due to a few bugs / glitches, and having to restart because we didn't know what we were doing then we realized that was a bad thing to do, here are the things I've noticed while playing for that 8 hour time span... Pros: I love that you're able to pick up objects and move them around, especially the heavier the object the slower it is. The PhysX system is almost perfect, i don't have any Cons about that, aside from things glitching into other things, and not being able to move it out and it makes a very obnoxious sound, and staying like that and the only way to fix it would be to start completely from scratch. I like the fact you're able to "climb" on-to surfaces, trip, faint etc.. Gravity for me, is spot on. The training grounds are awesome, it's gets right to the point and is just enough for you to know how to play the game. The editor is awesome, some times can be a bit clunky The graphical GUI is perfect, being able to look at a button and push it, being able to look at a wall, and having a cursor on it to click something is something that i have yet to see in ANY game. The Character GUI types are a very nice feature to have. A FOV slider, something that most games don't have, makes it easier to play for long hours with it. Driving, and the aspects required to drive, are a good touch. Allowing mods. Coop, and competitive game-mode. Allowing us to science the shit out of potato's, and not spend billions of dollars to go to Mars. Killed 8 hours of my time, and was never bored the entire time span, It was time well spent. Cons: If you put your graphics settings on low, you seem to run a LOT slower than on max graphics settings. Around a base, or habitat it can be very laggy, even with very few objects around. The temperature system seems to have no effect, if you're at -72c you don't freeze to death (from what i've noticed) it would be awesome if that was a thing. When you flick around at a lower FPS the camera appears to "round" just past the point you were moving to and snap to the point you're looking at, essentially, it's not smooth, and it seems like it's trying to be smooth, but there is a "snap" back. (This is probably because i don't have "fluid camera movement" enabled.) There seems to be a few issues when saving a game. i was playing with 2 friends, I ran away from them (about 300m) and they voted to save, and it said i couldn't "vote" and any saves after that i made a vote to save, it never saved, even though it "said" it did, not sure if that's the cause, but it's the only thing i could think of. The "tripping" is cool, just slightly annoying, you walk over a cable and next thing you know you're blacked out on the ground. The object movement is awesome, no real problems with it yet, it some times can be pretty derpy, but it's not one of my biggest "complaints" Multiplayer movement appears to be server-side, and thus causing "input-lag". i'd rather have a playable experience than a "safer" game. I know you guys completely wrote the multiplayer from scratch, but i feel that would be a very good selling point if you guys worked more on the multiplayer, especially a dedicated-server, now a days not many people play by themselves, many want to be able to play with their friends, and as it stands you're able to play with friends, it can some times be very difficult to do so. TL;DR: As it stands you can play with friends but currently it appears everyone other than the host has a very "non-fluid" experience, I and the 2 other friends mentioned, one has very low latency to me, the other has around 200ms and both were having a very hard time with input lag and general game movement providing undesired effects (rubber banding/desyncing into objects etc and getting stuck), the issues are replicable even if we swap who is hosting among the 3 of us. If there is anything else that i notice (because i can't think of everything), i will put it under this comment:
  5. Usually if you have 60+ players, the server FPS can tank a lot. even with just a vanilla arma server. but if 1-5 FPS is the case, you may have to wait an extra 30 minutes just for a vehicle to appear :P A FSM is probably a better option, that way you can remove a lot of overhead from the scripting Engine, and put it all in a "separate engine", keep in mind, if a FSM is not built correctly, it can not work at all. crash arma kill fps cause memory leaks
  6. :D // edit, @Fiddi you only changed one sleep to uiSleep !((_x select 0) isEqualType "")
  7. huh, it could be because you've scheduled it, execution time can generally go from 0.01~ MS to 5ms after scheduling it.
  8. @Fiddi Not a bad little script, although if you're looking to improve it, i recommend using uiSleep instead of sleep (uiSleep goes off of real time, sleep goes off of in-game time, and if the server is running at 1-5 FPS, it could be a long time) and, I like that you used params, and count. and also, you probably don't need to ASLToAGL [0,0,100], just create it at [0,0,0] the vehicle will get teleported fast enough anyways, because every script command halts the script engine until the command is done. less commands, the better. and as for this clump of mess: _delay = _vehicleData select 0; _init = _vehicleData select 1; _loadout = _vehicleData select 2; _name = _vehicleData select 3; _position = _vehicleData select 4; _direction = _vehicleData select 5; _type = _vehicleData select 6; _inventory = _vehicleData select 7; _savePaint = _vehicleData select 8; _paint = _vehicleData select 9; _parts = _vehicleData select 10; _deleteWreck = _vehicleData select 11; _limitEnabled = _vehicleData select 12; throw it in a params _vehicleData params [ "_delay", "_init", "_loadout", "_name", "_position", "_direction", "_type", "_inventory", "_savePaint", "_paint", "_parts", "_deleteWreck", "_limitEnabled" ]; if (isNil "_delay") exitWith { false }; the exitWith is a just-incase factor.
  9. params: True or false, (for example "alive player"), also a list of what "this" can be used in the string (this, thisTrigger, thisList) Executed if the trigger is enabled (and param 1 is true), also a list of what "this" can be used in the string (thisTrigger, thisList) Executed if the trigger is disabled (and param 1 is false), also a list of what "this" can be used in the string (thisTrigger) example?: (for when the player is in the trigger radius) _trigger setTriggerStatements ["alive player", "isAliveInTrigger = true;", "isAliveInTrigger = false;"]; Rough example, but do you get it?
  10. StokesMagee

    ATL to AGL(S)

    Did you try it after i fixed the typo? lol
  11. StokesMagee

    ATL to AGL(S)

    /* example: _position call SM_fnc_getPositionHeight; returns: position ASL */ private _position = _this; try { if (isNil "_position") throw false; _position set[2, 0]; private _positionH = +_position; _positionH set[2, worldSize]; private _surface = lineIntersectsSurfaces [_positionH,_position,objNull,objNull,false,1,"GEOM","NONE"]; if ((count _surface) != 0) then { _position = (_surface select 0) select 0; }; } catch { _position = []; // Do some logging? }; _position maybe this? //edit: fixed typo
  12. StokesMagee

    ATL to AGL(S)

    Are you trying to get the height on-top of something without a object?
  13. StokesMagee

    ATL to AGL(S)

    Explain to me what exactly you're trying to do and i can give you what you want, i have many functions for position finding etc.. one of them probably is what you're looking for.
  14. StokesMagee

    ATL to AGL(S)

    /* example: #1. [objNull] call SM_fnc_setPosAGLS; #2. [objNull, [0,0,0]] call SM_fnc_setPosAGLS; inputs: #1, object. #2, (optional) position. */ params ["_object","_position"]; try { if (isNil "_object") throw false; if (isNull _object) throw false; if (isNil "_position") then { _position = getPos _object; }; _position set [2, worldSize]; _object setPosASL _position; _position set [2, vectorMagnitude (_position vectorDiff getPosVisual _object)]; _object setPosASL _position; } catch { // Maybe do some logging? }; true Accepts, ASL, ATL, etc.., or just 2d. in your case: _position = [blah,blah] call BIS_fnc_findSafePos; [_unit, _position] call SM_fnc_setPosAGLS Is this what you're looking for? this should put the units on-top of rocks etc..