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  1. JohnnyShootos

    Removing default items from action menu

    Unfortunately not @donnovan. I was working on an explosives placement script that allowed attachement of charges to any object in game at any angle dependent on the surface normal of the surface. (So if you wanted to you could place a demo charge up inside the wheel-well of a hunter for example and it would stick there out of sight). I really wanted to remove the default action without requiring a proper mod - as it was only for one or two missions for the community I was playing with. Got the script / functionality working excellently but unfortunately could not remove the pesky default action.
  2. JohnnyShootos

    Unable to give Game Logics waypoints?

    sorry to bump an old thread but I found thi swhilst searching for some solutions for DAC since Eden. My question is: Is it possible to create waypoint from script (addWaypoint) and assign it to the GameLogic like that? Or must the waypoint first belong to a unit and then be copied to the GameLogic? The script im writing is to initialise a DAC zone on the fly and it would be excellent if i could say create a game logic to use as the fixed point for the respawn camp, then give it a waypoint, then after all of that init a DAC zone over the top of it and let Silola's genius handle the rest :P
  3. JohnnyShootos


    Hi Jezuro, Thanks for another great update. I have a small question I was hoping you could help with. After reading some scripts in the new revive system i noticed the use of a variable _a0 in an addAction... I am curious as to whether this is shorthand for _this select 0... and whether it is usable elsewhere or if it is specifically for addActions. Sorry if this question seems out of place in this thread but for me you are the most accessible BI Dev! And you made an awesome game mode :) Hope to hear from you soon!
  4. JohnnyShootos

    Removing default items from action menu

    sorry to bump such an old thread but can you override CfgActions from the description.ext? or is it only overridden from a mod (config.cpp)... and lastly would it look like this? class CfgActions { class UseMagazine { show = 0; }; }; what I am trying to achieve is the removal of the "Place Explosive charge (1 left)" from the scroll menu.
  5. JohnnyShootos

    Zeus and AddOns

    Ok guys so im having trouble finding this information out elsewhere: Is there a way to add one specific unit without the others from its addon... egs. I want to add just a rifleman, without all the other characters. or I want to add a cheetah without also adding the bobcat and panther. im trying to make a zeus scenario that would really benefit from this information
  6. JohnnyShootos


    A garrison size multiplier sounds like a great idea. Looking forward to something like that. Thanks for clarifying that bit of syntax for me too. Keep up the awesome work man! (side note: this forum looks amazing since the update)
  7. JohnnyShootos


    Hi Jezuro, First of all, what a killer game mode. I really enjoy playing it and creating my own scenarios on different maps (my favourite for it atm is Kunduz ) with your simple modular system. I have some questions though: Whenever I create a zone following your instructions it seems to only spawn 2 INDFOR groups. 1 x 8 man squad that is static and seems to have no way-points. and a 3 man patrol that does get way-points. This seems to be the behaviour regardless of the size of the zone. I ust wanted to know if this is intended behaviour or perhaps if i have missed something vital. Also what is the basic logic that determines how many INDFOR are spawned? (I had a peek at the logic for it and it seems to be X radius x Y radius / 25e4 ?) I've only been scripting with sqf for for a couple of years so please excuse me if I am mistaken with that. Would it be possible to get an option in the zone module to determine the initial occupying force strength perhaps? I realise this is probably designed at being a TvT scenario but perhaps an option like this could also allow for some configurable PvE usage? Also within sqf, is 25e4 the same as 25 ^ 4? just curious? If you could give some insight into any of this I would be very appreciative. Once again, thank you for creating such a great game mode in your spare time away from developing my favourite game of all time :)