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  1. So i have a table set up with weapons on it, the weapons have scripts attached to them so that they give the player a weapon, instead of using the one on the table. How do i disable the default option to pick that weapon up?
  2. A little about us: We are a (current) small group of friends who enjoy playing arma 3. We decided to start a Soft Milsim Unit based around the ww2 British Airborne Unit, the 8th para. We run missions a couple of times during the week and are looking to expand our playerbase so that we can show more people how fun the ww2 missions on arma 3 can be! How to join: This is simple, just join the discord that is linked below and say hi. Someone will be with you straight away to interview you and give you the run down. Discord : https://discord.gg/4uWPagX Happy hunting!