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  1. This is a gamepad script i made for mysfelf. All you need is GlovePie 0.45 Free app , Google for it! After you install/extract Glovepie, Run it & run this script: Now you can play MiniDayz With Any Xinput Gamepad Left Analog or Dpad = Movement Right Analog = Mouse Cursor A = Attack / Left Mouse Click B = Use X = Weapon1 (Melee) Y = Weapon2 (Ranged) (dont ask why it just feel right this way) RightTrigger = Left Mouse Click when in inventory or attack Left Trigger = Right Mouse Click when in inventory Start = Escape Back = F11 (enter/exit fullscreen on browser) Left Shoulder = Increase browser Screen Size Right Shoulder = Decrease browser Screen Size Tips: To attack your mouse cursor must be in game area , not outside or in inventory To avoid stuttering play in fullscreen (F11 or back button) To shoot weapons Aim with Right analog and shoot with Right Trigger, while dodging incoming (enemy) bullets with left analog If you have problems with mouse cursor running all over screen, disable/unplug mouse Enjoy!!!