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  1. Sad to hear that. Is there a list of mods that get your screenshots removed? I'm sorry, I didn't do screenshots for quite some time
  2. "Huge escalation in the Chernarussian War!" "In within an hour Russian special forces reportedly raided the USMC Forward Operations Base "Manhattan" and ambushed a CDF convoy in the north of Chernarus at 3pm on October 17, 2009. The spokesman of the Chernarussian Minisitry of Defense anounced "serious consequences if Russia will not pull out of Chernarus in within the next 12 hours". The Russian Foreign Minsiter denied any involvement in the attack on FOB Manhattan and stated that the attack on the American base was carried out by Chedaki troops. A US strike group was reportedly seen off the coast of Takistan heading north towards Chernarus. This is the first time Russian and American troops were in direct contact since the Cold War Crisis "Operation Flashpoint". The Chernarussian convoy transported communications- and SAM-equipment to an Anti Air position in the Black Mountains when the ambush happenend. Experts believe the Russians targeted this specific CDF convoy because it's elemination leaves the Northern border of Chernarus ill prepared in case of a Russian air assault or VDV invasion. 5 US Marines survived the carnage at FOB Manhattan, but no one survived the convoy ambush. The Chernarussian Defense Forces are "deeply concerned by today's developments" and call for "restraint by both Russia and America to avoid further bloodshed and escalation of this conflict". The current situation in Chernarus is more than worrying, for regular updates stay tuned! This is ANN World, reporting from Novigrad, Chernarus!" More pics of the FOB ambush: More pics of the convoy ambush: Thanks to the authors of the South Zagoria Terrain, Nikoaton's and Rismarck's animations, SOF Poses, VTN, all RHS, YuEmod, ASCZ heads, TRYK, TAC vests, RUS WAR, Special Divisons of Russia and Enhanced Video Settings!
  3. A Russian Spetsnaz ontop of Hill 339 An early war photo of Hill 339, also known as Veresnik. In the background is "Gora Masha" (Гора Маша), one of the Three Sisters, the only 2000+ meter high mountains of the Black Mountains range and the only one on the Chernarusian side of the border. The Russian forces recognized the startegic importance of Hill Veresnik due to it's elevated position, relatively minimal vegatation and clear view onto the southern lane of approach for aircraft to the North-Western airfield already early in the war: just a few days after fighting broke out, Russian high command sent around a dozen recons to take over hill Veresnik which was a full success. This hilltop served as a sniper hill, an AA position and as a tank fighting position at different times during the South Zagorian war of 2009. Heavy fighting over this hill errupted after the USMC landing in South Zagora. Russian forces dug in, but the hill soon fell under overwhelming force and constant shelling. Heavy casualties were reported on both sides after the takeover of Hill 339. Long after the war, in 2016, the Chernarussian Defense Forces (CDF) decided to construct a military base not more than 100 meters from this hill away. Thanks to the authors of: South Zagoria Terrain, SOF Poses, VTN, YuEmod, ASCZ heads, TRYK and, last but not least, Enhanced Video Settings
  4. Two days before the bloodshed in Grishino... ....a Chernorussian patrol stumbles upon two Chedaki in the hills east of the village, not far from the black mountains. The insurgents were using the bad weather to their advantage and transported different types of ammunition, rockets and a RPG-18 to a hideout near Grishino. The CDF stated that the capture of the rocket launcher and the 5 PKM belts that were transported that day saved many lives and possibly saved Grishino from being taken over by the ChDKZ. It is believed that because the RPG-7 rockets which were fround inside of one of the insurgent's backpack never made it to their destination, a RPG-7 was rendered useless which would have otherwise been used in the assault on Grishino. The two were captured and Chernorussian explosive specialists destroyed their ammunition and armament together with the weapons that were left behind after the Grishino shootout of December 2013 near the Pobeda damn. Mods: Chernarus Winter, VTN Mod, RHS AFRF, RHS GREF, SPR, Enhanced Video Settings, VSM All-In-One, TRYK, RUS WAR, nikoaton's Animations, Rismarck's WW2 Poses, SOF Static Poses (I'm sorry, I never remember which one's which)
  5. @Zhivets That's awesome! Thanks for showing. Gonna put it to good use in my recon screenshots!
  6. Shortly before crossing the border into the north of Chernarus,.. ... a handful of recons from the 45th Detached Reconaissance Battalion of the VDV decided to pose ontop of their BTR-80 in the Black Mountains in fall 2009. Their squad was sadly reported Missing in Action a few days later. To this date the circumstances of their disappearance are unclear. In 2014 all but 5 were declared "Killed in Action". Mods: South Zagora terrain, VTN Mod, RHS AFRF, RHS GREF, YuEmod, SPR, Enhanced Video Settings, Extra RHS Uniform Re-textures, ASCZ Heads, Hidden Identity v3, VSM All-In-One collection, nikoaton's Animations, Rismarck's WW2 Poses, SOF Static Poses, TAC Vests
  7. Members of the 45th VDV Detached Reconnaissance Battalion set up an ATGM position behind enemy lines during the USMC Operation "Harvest Red", near Stary Sobor, Chernarus, 2009 Mods: South Zagora terrain, VTN Mod, RHS AFRF, RHS GREF, YuEmod, SPR, Enhanced Video Settings, Extra RHS Uniform Re-textures, ASCZ Heads, Hidden Identity v3, nikoaton's Animations, Rismarck's WW2 Poses, SOF Static Poses
  8. _Krok

    USP Patches & Insignias

    Please the old patch from the 45th VDV (Russia): And the new patch from the 45th VDV: The 45th VDV/GRU is Russia's most elite reconnaissance brigade. Russia even made special camo suits just for them because they are the spearhead of Russia's airborne troops (VDV) and military intelligence (GRU).
  9. Hello everyone! I'm currently working on my own map "Vormsi" (inspired by the Estonian Island) and I'd like to add a few custom ground textures to it. I have a few (3-5) jpgs and I've totally no clue of how to export them to ppas. :/ Does anyone know how to? Greetings, Paul
  10. Thanks for the fast Response! Well, shortly after I posted this Topic, I found out that I've got to use .pngs to get a working texture in TexView2 :) There's just one Thing: I don't have Adobe PS nor the Money to buy mindtex :/ I'll remember what you both said (already pinned this topic on my task bar ;))! Another question: My Oxygen 2 isn't working atm (for reasons..), but how can create my own clutter? I've opened A2s clutter via TexView and saw how they are set up. Is it hard to create some custom grass? Fitting to Estonias climate? I'll also need some wet, swam-like grass.. Any tips? Some nice looking, fitting grass? Thanks my freinds! Paul