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  1. bigman100500

    Feedback Thread

    Hi! First of all id like to thank you for this awesome stuff! Lots if my friends are like arma but tend to more casual and lite fastpaced battlefield style games, And suddenly this is way we need to fill the gap. Some suggestions get rid of that legacy vanilla arma postreport after mission let people customize their loadout award for good perfomance with titles and attachments like in BF series - players are used to that kide of systems turn vsync off by default! first 5 minuts i wonder why my game runs so badly compare to the arma xd turn down draw distance by default its way overkill for CQB Keep up the good work!
  2. bigman100500

    Apex Weapon Feedback

    Old Aks sounds need some love!
  3. bigman100500

    Apex Vehicles Feedback

    Need actuall working instrumental pannels for vtol.
  4. bigman100500

    Apex Gear Feedback

    Maybe a bit more trashing in night vision and water drops with rain. And yes, i am in love with APEX