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  1. Launching a game session now if you want to play add me on steam, same name.
  2. Added the link to the mod pack, the next game is THIS Friday June 5th 2015 at 6 PM EST (GMT-5) 1800 for you military types. Please check the steam group and note your interest in joining as the first operation will be limited in numbers /scope.
  3. You get the drakedge2000 / ST8 server. Hey everyone, I have posted something similar to this before but I wanted to rehash this a little bit as we're going in for another season of activity here. With out further delay let's start with the basics: What you need to know... What is it? It is a dynamic live sand box RPG / relaxed milsim campaign game that evolves and reacts live to the players actions or inactions. There is always a live game master during the sessions that is directing the AI movement. Who has a good deal of DND GM experience, along with a military background, it allows for some fairly realistic scenarios. Steam Group: D2K Awesome Possum Club This is where the majority of the magic happens. The event calendar is the best way for you to keep informed of future games. The discussion boards are a great way to suggest new features. Server time frame: Weekends mostly, Friday / Sat / Sun - keep an eye on the event calendar to plan ahead. Mods: The mods for the server are tied neatly into a little pack that is easily downloaded, and installed. I am presently finishing up the latest version of this mod pack and should have it ready well in advance of the first game session. Check this part of the thread again in the near future for the mod pack to be put in place. Teamspeak Teamspeak info is found in the steam group, under discussions. It is pretty self explanatory from there. Age Requirements Where as we don't really limit the age of folks that CAN play with us, we do limit the level of maturity that can play with us. If you think it is funny to drop a grenade at the feet of a bunch of friends during a brief, than this is not the place for you to play and you will find yourself quickly and irrevocably banned. In order to officially join the unit though you need to be 16+ Youtube You are welcome to record videos / live stream while playing on the server. Here's an older recruitment video that I made up, which I will be making another one soon as some of the mods have been changed but you will get the idea really. Current mods being built into the mod pack: http://www.nexusmods.com/arma3/mods/3/? ACE3 TFAR MCC ALiVE Blastcore-A3-Pheonix Blastcore-Tracers Bornholm (potentially left out of pack, and made for manual download debating this) CBA A3 Tactical Bears (cause beards are epic) TRYK CUP (big debate, 1gig or leave it out, version 11 has it left out for now) As of the marksman DLC I don't feel that weapons packs are / needed / however, I do like the Community Upgrade Project, and as such will potentially use that one. Looking for a GM for an event? I would happily GM for other milsim / gaming groups from time to time. Just give me a post or the details, perhaps a synopsis of the scenario yall were thinking about and I will run from there. Sorry for the long post, here's a potato
  4. Drakedge

    Speed Of Sound Pure

    Thank you Big Pickle. I enjoy your mod, just needs a little tweaking to be perfect.
  5. Drakedge

    Speed Of Sound Pure

    Dang, okay a couple things. #1 - A-164 gun runs - the sound effects for the rounds impacting are way later than the sound for the gun firing, even though the rounds impact way before you would be able to hear the gun. #2 - DLC Helicopters (both NATO and CSAT) vanish from the game including their cargo containers with the mod active. This problem was fixed when I removed speedofsound_pure_ch47.pbo and speedofsound_pure_ch47.pbo.SOSP.bisign #3 - Gun sounds are pretty low volume. I increased my sound effects to maximum and they are still pretty weak sounding compared to vanilla. #4 - Tracers from the sound mod take over tracers from other mods like Blast Core Tracers, or SOSP causes them not to work, not sure. #5 .50 cal machine guns sound like pea shooters compared to their real life counterparts.
  6. Drakedge

    Speed Of Sound Pure

    Downloading! Wow awesome man thank you for this!
  7. Drakedge

    Drakedge2000 - Tactical Realism Server

    Hey everyone, we're about to launch another game tonight! Come play, or check it out on the new steam stream http://steamcommunity.com/broadcast/watch/76561197963017995 You have to log in to steam to watch it, and you can either watch it on STEAM if you have the beta client, or you can watch it on google chrome.
  8. Drakedge

    Bornholm, Denmark [Terrain]

    After playing on the map a lot lately, it seems that the AI completely sees through the hedge rows in towns / cities. Is there a way to fix that?
  9. Okay thank you, my joint rails mod was out of date.
  10. I was messing around with the mod, and the weapons show up in the Virtual Arsenal just fine, but the weapon attachments for a lot of the weapons do not. IE Scopes, side rails etc. Is there a way to get the virtual arsenal to see them, IE if you spawned said box in via Zeus?
  11. Thank you for working on this, can't wait to play with it!
  12. Drakedge

    Drakedge2000 - Tactical Realism Server

    Our Dedicated server is now up and live. Come join us for an operation 11-29-2014 Eastern time ~1100 hours. Search ST8 in your multiplayer server browser. Or join the teamspeak server and poke an officer.
  13. Drakedge

    [WIP] Video Streaming Mod

    This is amazing! I can't wait for you to finish this! Great job.
  14. Drakedge

    Drakedge2000 - Tactical Realism Server

    Now complete with a recruitment video!
  15. Hey Shay, Two things: # could you add a brush to delete items on the ground. IE a player laying a bunch of magazines on the ground or gear. I would like to be able to delete those to save server resources. Secondly I can't seem to give the player more than one virtual arty piece. As well as when I do (by adding in physical arty pieces), and they call in a multi shot strike on a target, it only ever seems to launch one round. I am using the mod version, and my players have the mod as well. They might fire the additional rounds, but if they do it's like 5 minutes after the first strike splashes. Even when the arty is given a 0 delay.