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  1. The campaign won't show up in my game. I tried placing it in both "Campaigns" and "Missions" folder but to no avail. I downloaded it from the non steam link.
  2. After redownloading it for the 3rd time, it's now working. I don't know what the hell happened. Now I have a question. Everytime I stumble/fall from a nearby explosion, I won't be able to sprint anymore after getting back up. The AI is worse, they just walk. but if I stumble/fall from being suppressed, I can still sprint afterwards. Is this intended by the mod?
  3. Yes I also checked the .hpp, but that line is already there.
  4. I manually installed the mod. Downloaded from dropbox the latest version, placed @TPW_MODS in arma 3 folder, moved userconfig folder to arma 3 folder. Did I do something wrong?
  5. I don't use AGM but I still get the same issues with TPW enabled. and quoting from a post in the AGM thread I also get this line in my RPT file. With TPW disabled, This line won't appear.
  6. I'm playing the Prologue atm, but the AI(the team leader most of the time) always get stuck(suddenly stops moving) with this mod enabled thus the mission won't proceed. It started in the "Rising Tensions" mission of the Prologue. I disabled the mod and I was able to finish the mission. I re-enabled it and played the next one, but he got stuck again. He won't ride the heli. I'm using the latest version of the mod together with CBA, Blastcore and JSRS.