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  1. I dreamed about a "CSM" or "AGE", but this seemed to good to even dare to mention it... Now we will finally see something "Splendid!" in Arma3! Yes please. This is gonna be so great. Dunedain, anychance you can already tell us a bit more about this: "Improved interactions for AARs and ammo bearers"?
  2. Tsark

    Authentic Gameplay Modification

    That wouldn' t inspire too much confidence, i would prefer if it was announced on april 2.:p
  3. Tsark

    Authentic Gameplay Modification

    No i did not. So who exactly decided to attribute 50 000$ and 30 000$ to KOTH and Battle Royale?
  4. Tsark

    Authentic Gameplay Modification

    @X39: Honestly i do think that this whole Make Arma not War was a big mistake, and i would of preffered that it didn' t happened at all. But hey it is there, so what can i do about it? I' m blaming BIS because with the way the contest was organized it was obvious that the "codish" game modes were gonna get the most votes since all the COD/BF/Altis Life players brought by Arma3' s stupid game design were gonna vote for it, and that a large part of the money spent on the "mp game mode" category should' ve instead be spent on more slots in the Total conversion category, where RHS would have been won, of course, but so other mods such as AGM, CSE and else would have won some money. Alive also should' ve won money. Anyway i just saw that CSE also announced that they stopped, either this is indeed a coordinated april fool' s joke by both mod teams or BI just killed the "Military simulation" aspect left in the Arma license. Or it is all a play by both mod teams to announce that the ones who don' t have motivation anymore left their respective boats, while the ones who still have will join forces and form a common super mod team, CSM or AGE, which would be pretty badass. (I' m not holding my breath).
  5. Tsark

    Authentic Gameplay Modification

    Of course modding for a contest is wrong, i do not disagree with you about it, but did AGM start it' s existence for the contest? I don' t think so, i might be wrong but i' m pretty sure that AGM started to exist before the start of MANW and that they joined pretty late. So, even if they indeed didn' t mod for the contest, i can absolutely understand their decision when i see this: The fact that BI organised the contest in such a fashion that allowed these "MP game modes" to win such ridiculous amount of money since all the COD guys voted for it and that AGM didn' t receive a single dollar must be a real motivation killer, even if they didn' t started to mod for it. This is purely mis-management by BIS.
  6. Well, if you modelled the TC2001 using the TC APH as reference it shouldn' t go to waste anyway, it seems that the KSK has used them for quite a while, or helmets looking exactly like those, so since you will be making KSK in the future that will give you an occasion to use those. You' ll have to remodel the TC2001s though.:p
  7. Tsark

    Authentic Gameplay Modification

    I also really hope that this is a 1st of april joke in advance... It might come off that way, but frankly i understand them if they really are leaving. To see that this great mod, that has in a large part saved Arma3 from being an arcadey piece of junk for quite a lot of teams and brought back the ACE2 feeling, hasn' t received one dollar while some stupid game modes out of Quake or something received 10 of thousands of dollars must really drive you nuts. This is effectively BIS killing the "simulation" part of the OFP/Arma license. Absolutely terrible news for Arma3 if confirmed. Da fuck is that?
  8. About the shape of the helmets, if you are referring to the SF/commando helmet that are in the pack i believe that they are actually MSA TC APH helmets, make sure not to use them as reference for the shape of MSA TC2001/3001 helmets as they look very much alike and as such are very easy mix up.:) KSK? Nice!
  9. Heheh that' s what i thought at first, that it wasn' t a CIRAS but the velcro and mostly the first post got me confused. Do you guys still have plans for a CIRAS? Btw, did you guys find anything usefull in the A2 content that i linked in the end?
  10. Tsark

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    Congratulations on a well deserved win guys!
  11. Looking nice.:D Which body armor model is that? And that helmet you' re talking about, it' s the tc2001/3001 right? Edit: It' s a Mar CIRAS, silly me.
  12. Hello Megagoth1702. I recently tried this mod along with the volume balance mod and i have to say the volume balance makes all the difference. I was trying out the sounds in the VA, firing GL rounds at about 200 meters, then 100 meters, then fired one at about 15 meters and it almost blew my ears out but in a good way, and for the first time in Arma i' ve actually had that audio feedback that firing a grenade launcher round 15 meters away from was generally not the brighest of ideas. In other testing i also had a big smile on my face when an enemy sniper opened fire on me with a 50cal rifle with the proper loudness. The weapon sounds also sound good, i did watch the youtube videos with proper volume before trying out the mod but even with the proper volume it just didn' t sound right on youtube for some reason, but ingame it sounds just great, so i encourage anyone to actually try it out and not just watch the vids that for some reason simply don' t do it justice. Also, it is great that you convinced LordJarhead to rebalance his volume levels, and unless i' m mistaken Laxemann already follows your precepts when it come to volume balance so in the end whichever sound mod the end user actually prefers, yours, Jarhead' s or Laxemann' s he will have volume levels that make sense, which is neat. This is really one of those things that i didn' t give much thought about until now, or only ocasionally, but that i can' t stop paying attention to now. Can' t wait to see it expanded, both the Sound mod and the volume levels.:)
  13. Had it been an other team behind this i would' ve thought that this was one of those mods with no future, but seeing some of the names here i have huge hopes for this. Can' t wait to see wip videos of the game mechanics that you will introduce, my excitation level is over 9000. Best of luck in this huge undertaking folks.
  14. Tsark

    Swedish Army Mod 3 (SAM)

    Beautiful models guys.
  15. All of this sounds amazing, and the fact of having a core package separate from the map specific files will be a huge breath of fresh air for my community. Thank you very much folks.
  16. Just realized that things like king of the hill and battle royale won insane amount of money and you didn' t win squat, this is ridiculous..... Anyway can' t wait for insurgency.
  17. Tsark

    F/a-18x black wasp

    Just using this as an occasion to congratulate you guys, John_Spartan and Saul, both on the win and on the aircraft addons. Fantastic work fellows.
  18. Great looking Minimi' s Toadie, as usual. So glad to see this very much used weapon platform brought to the Arma3 standards. If i may humbly submit a request, any chance you could include a Minimi Para version with the old school "plaquettes" (don' t know how it' s called in english) on the handguard so that we can have a french minimi? It seems that you have all the necessary parts done so it shouldn' t be too much work i believe. Something like this: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Minimi.jpg (No need for the deported rail). If it could also have the picatinny rail on top of the receiver disapear when no optic is mounted like on many of your other weapons and the 100 rounds auscam box it would look absolutely perfect.:o
  19. Yesterday i saw "Collimator tech" in the sitrep, it wasn' t what i hoped for but well now as good as any other time to tackle it. So basically it' s all in this issue: http://feedback.arma3.com/view.php?id=21631 Here' s a copy and paste of myself: For those who don' t understand how it works, put your hand sideway in front of your dominant eye, or generally in front of your eyes. The distance doesn' t really matter, 5, 10, 20, 50 centimeters...etc and keeping both eyes open focus on any small object around you in the alignment of your hand. You can see it, now close your non dominant eye, you can' t see it anymore, your hand is blocking your view. Looking at it with both eyes open is how red dot sights work in real life, looking at it with the non dominant eye closed is how red dot and holographic sights are portrayed right now in Arma3. So right now in Arma3 we have red dot and holographic sights frames that fill up three quarters of the screen when looking through them, completely blocking our field of view except for a very small window in the centre of the screen, instead of providing a clear and unobstructed field of view as they should if the game would simulate those being used with both eyes open. So as mentionned in the issue, to remedy to that we should have some kind of semi transparency system for the sights frame like in VBS2 as seen here: Please BI, this is long overdue and with the Marksmen DLC coming up and you improving the weapon handling in many aspects this is the perfect time to do it.
  20. I obviously understand this to be sarcasm, but i' ll use it as an opportunity to re-state that this is for reddot and holographic sights only, not for iron sights...
  21. Over the years i' ve seen quite a few people suggest this, sadly it never got anywhere. Since Bohemia is taking a look at what they call "collimator tech" let' s hope that they will take a look at this, but i don' t have my hopes up. Oh how i understand you about having to aim under the target...
  22. Many thanks for the update Purple!
  23. Tsark

    Development Blog & Reveals

    Heheh, i remembered that, and after i posted i thought about adding "or very little ones" to my sentence on this subject but decided to let it go. Still, the effect was very subtle and deffinitely not a big detterent against using huge guns for everything, so i stand by my point. Of course, but the values in general seem a bit high, or they put into perspective the lack of a proper wounding system.
  24. Well this is precisely the effect that i was trying to describe at 2.23, that in addition to looking semi transparent the frame looks "thinner" or "trimmed" due to your eyes focus. It is indeed absolutely needed and i' m sure that it would remove that "cheap" side that people are complaining about if there would only be semi transparency and that' s it. 13isLucky, i saw that vid a while ago and wanted to post it in this thread, and couldn' t find it. Good job for finding it. I have absolutely no doubt that it can be implement in the Arma engine, but i have many about BI' s willingness to introduce this.