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  1. I... I have no idea how I missed that bit on the wiki. You get all my cheers.
  2. So I just started using ALiVE and oh god I love it. Even as a rookie mission maker this was great to work with, so I just want to say great job on the documentation and ease-of-use. Question though. With persistence enabled and the server successfully uplinked and all player data saved, can I edit the .pbo at all? I really just want to remove / disable a single .sqf and am afraid that that might screw over our progress. I made the mistake of running a loadout script every time the player respawns, so saved gear is immediately overwritten upon rejoining the server.
  3. Sorry if this has been asked before, but is ACE compatible with the vanilla campaign by now? Just jumped back in after half a year or so, and back then, any objective that involved placing explosives was unachievable because the game didn't register the ACE interactions. I couldn't get any further in the story than Blackfoot Down because of it, and using MCC to pretend I've done the thing feels cheap to me.