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  1. Sorry for the late answer, i don't have the time for ArmA at the moment and will continue my work early/mid august! I have to ask Burnes about this, i have nothing to do with the RG31 (and i don't know if i'm going to support them with ace interaction later) I gues nobody can answer that (maybe Burnes). The old scripter wrote kinda everything in spanish and since i don't speak spanish and i don't like the way he designed the functions (no offense here at all), i rewrite everything from scratch. Did u place the object on the ground via action or did u just drop them out of the inventory?
  2. This feature is not released at the moment and may never be released due to problems with the ai in towns and buildings, sorry. The design is not finished yet, i'll see what i can do but i can't garuantee anything right now.
  3. There you go, added some "proof of concept" functions to zeus. The difficult part is done, the rest is polishing the effects and guis.
  4. Yes, but it will take some time. Sorry, no interest in ALiVE integration, maybe in the future.
  5. Hey there, just wanted to tell you that i recently joined burnes15th on the eods mod. It will take some time until i publish any update (have to rewrite a lot of scripts). Also for those who wanted ACE3 compatibility check out this video, it's on the way and also other (not announced :P ) features. No plans on doing that at the moment due to problems with the ai :(.