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  1. haha i suppose, but i do not have a dedicated server so i host right from my pc and i havnt played with someone online in bout a couple years anyway, if i do play with someone, it will be specific ppl, not many that i know so all good. i have put now more explosives, mines grenades and gas mask as well as the rifles ive been craving to use and see, but now i have the task of figuring out how to add more units to a warfare mission that doesnt have a warfare module in sight, even the start units on map arent synced to anything, just there on their own but somehow they work... ill google some more but ive been having zero luck finding a tutorial on how to add units the "special" way they did making that warfare. its chux 1.8 btw
  2. Thank you for the response, and how is it counter productive adding just 5 or so rifles? haha, but anyway i figured out a really easy way, just download the loadout editor "LEA" and every weapon is there incl. ace2 with their exact names you need to use them.. so im very happy now got the beautiful aks, and my favorite m4a1 :D Id still really like to know how i can go about fixing the bipod/sights problem and and the warfare adding of more units, anyone? thanks again for any responses.
  3. I wasnt gonna post this but i remember over a year i searched n searched without finding any answer so ill post what i figured out after too many hours trying. 1. (warfare not loading) if uve ever played warfare missions and when u click continue after the map briefing u see the "LOADING (may take a few minutes)" u wait for 10 minutes and nothing and base gets built by ai etc etc but all black, well it doesnt always work, but most of the time consistantly it does, its very strange but i discovered before you click continue, zoom on the map till u start to see the textures of the ground (the green etc) and scroll around the entire map till the white squares stop appearing and building , so you can scroll with all green and smooth so "no white squares appearing", oddly i can consistantly get "most" of the warfare missions to work by doing this strange step, some still dont, but most do. its the only solution ive figured out for now bout warfare missions not loading, but it works usually. 2. (graphics/HUD flickering) if uve ever had everything glitch between lower than low graphics to normal constant as well as anything on hud disapear and re appear constant with an fps loss of like 20 or more.. in ur options, the setting of how much memory u have onboard,,, i know there is a performance gain by using "default" but i was desperate to figure out how to stop the glitching and fps drop making it unplayable, last thing i tried was that, for my specific rig i decided to try a different choice other than default out of desperation, i tried from high to low and on the medium setting to my shock and surprise.. the glitching stopped and so did the hud disapearing and reappearing and i gained more fps!.. i spent a very long time trying to find a fix for this problem and i have fixed it with a way i left at the bottom of the list for causing it... so simple, so stupid, so solved and happiness playing my favorite military game.
  4. i actually have a few questions, first the title topic, ive been searching all the files for the exact weapon names as i am trying to add more choices for ace2 warfare, they left out so many amazing rifles n toys, i have found many names of these weapons where they are linked but, they never work, I have successfully added things like the balaclava and some misc things to warfare buy menu, and also i question if there is extra you have to do to add weapons? balaclava was i believe in just 2 files i had to add it to and it worked, but maybe im missing something for weapons? i wasnt aware these weapons were even in the game till i played with the armoury and saw some of my favorite weapons for the first time n ive had this game since new.. some of the weapons id really love to add are: -m4 and m4a1 black and the camo version but with the basic heatshield and both iron sights and no RIS handles, basically the m4 from mid 90s i saw that its in the game somewhere.. also, is there a version of the m4a1 CCO SD with iron sights instead of the cco sight? -m16a4, every version of it available in the game and ace2 (ex) m16a4 with ironsights. and if there is an m16a1 in the game -ace2's beautiful version of the AKM and AKS as well as that gold AKS, as well as AK74m, and the AKS74p iron sight, RPK (not 74) -all mp5 variants as well as the ump45 all variants basically where would i go about finding the exact names i need to put for them to work? also ive entered the weapons into "CORE GEAR" and "CORE LOADOUTS" not sure if theres anywhere else i need to enter the names. P.S sorry for saying weapon so much Question 2: in the Ace2 CHUX 1.8 version of warfare i see no warfare module in the editor? as im trying to add more starting ai units/playable units but i see no module to sync them to so it doesnt work. wondering how i would go about adding more units with that? offtopic but ill might as well ask here too in one post, is it just me or are ace2 weapons too accurate now and the wind seems to not be working properly? i remember ace2 had just spectacular realism regarding windage and drop but its not so realistic anymore.. And lastly about if there is a fix for the deployed bipod ironsights not lining up? in real id be forcing my head to line up the sights in combat regardless of comfort level n how it looks so i kill them before they kill me... it sucks long range specially on a hill and rear sight is taking up most of the screen and you cant see downrange anymore and they kill you... Thanks in advance if anyone can help me with these topics. 1 more thing that has come to my attention, does anyone know where i would go to edit a domination mission, specifically to change when its ranked, to be able to pick up any weapons laying around, why ppl would remove this is beyond me, its more realistic, and kind of like a "trophy" to take an enemy weapon.
  5. stugj88

    ACE for OA 1.13

    ive been having a big problem with graphics using ace mod, the textures flicker from below lowest quality to what I have set every second and I lose 30 fps, it usually does it mostly when looking at an objective or close by one, all game modes do it, sp and mp.. it makes it so I cant play ace at all. Ive looked for days now for someone else with same problem but cant find any, ive tested removing mods I have one at a time, the only time the flickering stopped was when I removed ace all together. p.s also tried using versions 1.13 and 1.14, same thing happens...
  6. stugj88

    Warfare BE

    ...WHY oh why is ace warfare that's not over 4 years old so hard to find and every link I get to a version that works with newest ace are all broken... is it coz I love it so much why its gone? I have newest 0.67 ace warfare but none of the missions work, it stays on the black loading screen and ai commander is auto selected after the minute and they play but it remains black for me..., please anyone as my pc isn't good enuf for arma3. EDIT: literally minutes after writing this I found ace warfare chux 1.8.. but it stays on loading black screen and im near the water.. this is so depressing... anyone know of a version of warfare in existence that works still?? PLEASE...
  7. stugj88

    COWarMod Release

    Sorry about this, I was pretty tired and I did manage to figure out how to solve the problems I was having after of course I posted here.. isn't that how life is? and thank you for the response as most ppl if another post has been made which I did look for but didn't find all over google "this has been asked" and still no answer to it lol. but the answers are here now for anyone else with the same problem. For the record for some reason I don't have the ballistics readme .. PS. I almost forgot, this is just info regarding this mod and I44. I recommend taking out the ballistics and firerate files, u can tell those files are meant for modern weapons, stock ballistics for I44 is more realistic and the firerate makes the mg42 not feel like an mg42.
  8. stugj88

    COWarMod Release

    Hey Gunter, I am just curious which file does the whole hit where you shoot? is just isn't realistic as bullets have to fly through the air, wind,muzzle velocity,barrel length ROF, etc all come into play and manipulate projectiles, ive been using COWAR I44 version and I must say I love it other than this issue, it took away from the realism and long firefights bigtime, I want to use your mod, but I just cant with â—¾Weapon control -(hit where you shoot!). ive been searching through the files myself to get a grasp on which one it may be that does this.. but its a needle in a stack of needles. P.S also im curious which file it is to remove, or figure out how to use, its orders of some sort I press Q to lean and he does a hold position signal and radio beeps, it really suck snot being able to tell your men to stay put and always getting out of vehicles to follow lol..