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  1. WOW Im freaking out, its Killzone Kid!!! I used your site countless times and learned a lot. Big thank you man, the stuff you do is great and I appreciate the work you put in. So I made the change you wrote for my init.sqf (removed the compile) and Im not getting any errors, however its not opening the dialog. I put a hint message to debug inside the case statement in my switch.sqf and its not working. Help please.
  2. So the reason for the switch is because I plan in the future to make more keypresses that will activate different scripts. What I have above is just so I can have something easy to work with and display. Thanks jwllorens for your input. could you assist me with the write up for that? I agree I need some variable to change after the dialog gets called. I just thought setting it to true of false would be enough.
  3. Hello, Im posting here wishing that someone see's or knows what im missing from my code. So my goal is to have a user press 7 on the keyboard which will activate a script for a dialog I made. I then want the script to end or close the dialog when I press 7 again. After some research seems like what im doing is possible by making a switch case (bothemia wiki). I have tried this but I cant get it to work. Hopefully one of you guys can help me. Im trying to get the similar effect like how exile mod opens and closes the XM8 with keypress 6. Your help is appreciated. In my init.sqf _keyActivate = compile preprocessFile "switch.sqf"; _display = findDisplay 46; _display displaySetEventHandler ["KeyDown","_this call _keyActivate"]; In my switch.sqf private['_bool']; _bool = false; switch (_this select 1) do { //7 key case 0x08: { _dialogAct = execVM "script.sqf' //createDialog 'Main_dialog'; _bool = true; }; }; _bool; in script.sqf _handle = createDialog "Main_dialog";