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    SC Mini-Mods and Projects

    In the latest SC_Items v1.0 release it seems quite a few objects were dropped. For example in the PBO, I no longer see a keycard that was in v0.4. Does anyone have information on this?
  2. When I start up Arma 3 in Steam (that is, fire up the Arma 3 launcher) it appears to download every subscribed add-on/mod from the workshop. For large mods like CUPS, Bornholm, etc this can be up to a 30 minute delay! Shouldn't it just verify your local mod content and then only download new or missing content? Is anyone else having this problem? Is there a setting I don't have configured properly? The obvious work-around is to load the large add-ons manually, but long-term that seems to defeat the whole purpose of the workshop framework.
  3. rwwiggins

    Mighty GAU-8/A Avenger

    This is a very cool add-on. Thank you for your hard work and maintenance on it. I do have one question though. Should an AI controlled A-10 be able to use this cannon just like they would the default one? I have a mission where I have a few stock Wipeouts with the new GAU circling around on SAD waypoints destroying trucks and armor, but they never seem to fire the cannon just their missiles. I then tried removing all the other weapons down to just the cannon and flares and still they don't fire the cannon. The new cannon fires great under player control. Any suggestions?
  4. rwwiggins

    TMR Modular Realism

    Regarding the bug reported above where deploying a bipod triggers a condition where you can't reload and each time you try a mag disappears from your inventory, I did a good bit of testing this afternoon and here's what I found. I'm running the latest CBA RC4, joint_rails 0.10, attachments 0.10, and TMR 0.5-alpha-3 with latest official TMR autorest enabled. You actually do not need a bipod to trigger the bug. 1) Get a rifle that is bipod capable like the MXM along with a few mags. 2) Do NOT have any bipod equipped or in your inventory. 3) Go prone, perform a 'hard' auto-rest, fire the weapon, attempt to reload. (Some times it takes a few mags). 4) That permanently triggers the condition for me. Interestingly, to fix the bug in-game I found that if you then get the generic bipod and equip it the bug is fixed until you repeat 3. From that point if you accidentally repeat 3 you have to leave prone, de-equip, and re-equip the bipod and it clears it up again. Hope this helps Taosenai or someone else debug this faster. Cheers.
  5. If I want to the have the most robust and current AI logic within the TPW variants should I run TPWCAS along with TPW_MODS? If yes, then should I disable certain features that seem duplicated among them, for example 'AI suppresion', 'Cover algorithm', or the even the entire EBS category in TPW_MODS? Is LOS only affected by TPW_MODS? Last, as long as they're after CBA of course does the loading order make any difference among the two?