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  1. Description.ext



    Hope it will help! ;)


    Hey, thank you so much. It really helped because I realized that I had this 

    [WEST,West1] call BIS_fnc_addRespawnInventory;

    in my init.sqf instead of this

    [missionNamespace,"WEST1"] call BIS_fnc_addRespawnInventory;

    Thanks a ton, buddy. Now I can finally get this mission up and running as I want it to be!

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  2. Hi guys,

    does anyone of you know a mission that uses the new respawn screen introduced in 1.60 with various loadouts to select per role?

    I am trying to get that set up in a mission I am currently working on. But my scripting/editing knowledge is rather poor, so it would help a lot to see an example where this is working.

  3. Hey guys, still have issues with my dedi server where as soon as I try to get into a vehicle I get kicked out of it instantly. Using CBA_A3, Ace and Massi. Any ideas?

    I think you have to choose the commander role and then set up the permissions on the permissions menu from the scroll menu. Not totally sure where you find what, since I am not at my pc nor did I play the mission in a while.

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  4. Great new update, thanks for all the awesome work!

    One minor issue i've noticed, is some kind of strange reverberation sound, like the blades of a helicopter or something, starting up after firing long sustained bursts.

    It will fade on it's own, but it's pretty distracting sounding, and gets loud if I keep up the fire.

    Has anyone else noticed this? Maybe it's just some wacky combination between different mods causing it? Maybe ACE or TFAR and this?

    That definitely sounds like it is the effect of ace hearing. Try to put ace earplugs in your inventory and then equip them via ace self interaction. Then take an lmg and fire a few long bursts. With earplugs put in, that sounds should not be there. With earplugs out, that sounds should be there after your soldier is exposed to very loud sounds.
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  5. Only issue I have with cup is that the quality of the weapon/vehicle models is nowhere near RHS. That's the main reason why I always try to circumvent mods that use RHS weapons. If I have to use a mod faction that uses cup weapons, I always load the NIArms weapons as well to at least have quality weapon models for the players.

  6. Curious if you can simply use the RHS armor and gear, and INHERIT the CUP, Default ARMA 3 values so the game is relatively ballistically similar? I understand why everyone wants to use the RHS gear. It is really TOP NOTCH quality and that is not saying CUP or Massi is not good either, but RHS really stands out quality wise.

    I would prefer this as well. The mod is awesome, but to be honest: I usually try to not use mods that use cup weapons. Rhs is so much better. I would even go so far to say it's CUP<RHS<NIArms/HLC when it comes to weapons used by factions. Even if they are only used by opfor I prefer to have the best available weapons, just for the rare cases where you're out of ammo and have to pick up one of them.

  7. Yes I already have RHS GREF addition completed. Chenarus Ground Forces (Major Faction) combined with Nationalist Troops (Minor Faction). Downloading Saint Kapaulio terrain now. Looks good. I will check it out. I didn't know it was now available for public. No guarantees it will make 1.45 or any version yet. We'll see. I hope to have 1.45 final before July 11 and will probably have 1 more alpha available for test very soon.

    That is awesome. They will even make for a good opfor on Bornholm. I am getting slowly tired of all the middle east maps. So saint Kapaulio will be a very welcome variance.

    Thanks a lot for this and all your well done work with this mission!

  8. Todos/WIP for v1.45

     1. Integration of other faction choices from CUP, RHS

     3. Update more class names/content/mod detection and activation for supported mods.


    Does this mean that 1.45 might also support RHS:GREF Nationalist faction?

    This would be awesome!

    Actually I was hoping to play this with RHS:GREF on the Saint Kapaulio terrain.

    Did you consider including Saint Kapaulio in the future?

  9. ...keep in mind if you call a transport chopper to "land" and not to "pick (you) up," you won't need to throw down the smoke to get the pilot to touchdown. This is handy knowledge in situations when you're out of smoke in your inventory or know for certain the area is clear and need a quick evac. :)

    Oh, didn't really figure this out. I always wondered why I sometimes have to use smoke and sometimes not ;) Good to know!

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  10. I am not sure if Heroes enabled it in this mission, 

    but to get quickly from one location to another with your AI squad, I love to use the ALiVE transport chopper.

    If included, you should find it under the combat support options. You are able to call in a transport chopper and let him transport you and your squad to your chosen destination.

    You even have to drop smoke to confirm the LZ etc. So it's also really immersive.

    When enabled, ALiVE should also be able to deliver small vehicles like MRAPs to your destination via airdrop. 

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  11. Hey Laxeman, that sounds promising.


    One idea i had, actually it's sort of an old hat but it would fit into the immerse topic, is a hearing effect.

    I know there are many already, as in ACE etc. But adding the option that if there is a explosion or a big gun fired very close to you, that you suffer of some sort of hearing distortion.

    Maybe like a temporary deafness with a whistling or something like that.

  12. Did you test it from within the editor by hitting play in SP or did you put the mission to mp mission folder and host it as a LAN game? I definitely recommend the latter, since scripted stuff like that often bugs out when started from the editor.

    Or do you refer to a text editor? Bc for changing units etc, you don't need to open the mission in 3den editor at all.

  13. I just returned back to stable branch.

    Was a nice long weekend in Tanoa ;)


    I've also downloaded the AlRayak version 0041 from Makhno's mediafire link.

    Sadly even with only cba 2.4.1, ALiVE,  CUP Core 1.1.0 and Cup Terrains 1.1.0 (all workshop versions) I have these roads on Al Rayak:





    Is there some error in my setup or can others confirm this? In this state, these roads make me hesitate to use this otherwise awesome map to create a mission.



    yes, I also read about the incompatibilities in some (of your) threads here and on alive forums.

    So right now I'm not sure if I should start creating my mission or rather enjoy your mission first and start when all the dust over the upcoming updates has settled.

    Since the guys I've played with are inactive anyway, I will probably rather test out your mission. 


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  14. Is Al Rayak working fine with ALiVE for you?

    I'm seeing two things:

    1. Civilians don't seem to be spawning in the numbers they should.

    2. Larger cities, even with very very few spawns, come to an FPS crawl. So much so my game feels like it's going to crash.

    Typically, this behavior is reminiscent of a map that needs a reindexing. Does anyone know how long ago this map actually had new buildings either added or replaced? ALiVE indexing requires buildings so if anything at all has changed since the last index, problems like this can happen.

    Are you seeing any of this behavior?

    I've just started to test with the map and alive. By now I only fiddled with the part South of the main river. My basic plan for the mission is to have an insurgency going on there and have conventional forces in the north.

    So far I have divided the south into 3 opfor taors and one small taor for blufor base.

    But I have also encountered the issues that you describe.

    In the two very large cities in the south there were no civs spawning, but I was able to get that solved by setting up a separate civ placement for them with a taor around the city. Worse was that just having 2% cqb module and a mil civ placement with override of 20 inf,5 motorized and 5 recon linked to asymmetric opcom already crowded those places.

    I thought the issue might be related to arma being on dev branch.

    Since I want to put this on a dedi to use MCC for mission finetuning on the fly later (after the mcc update is out) it might also be feasible to just blacklist problematic areas from ALiVE by taors and populate those places with mcc/Zeus when an objective leads us there.

    Not sure if this will really work, especially since I am rather a beginner in all this stuff.

    Actually I thought about giving your prophet mission a try, because I figured that preparing a big mission right now, just when there are so many things changing in arma over the next week's might be only leading to bug fixing when the updates roll in.

  15. First of all, thanks a lot for the awesome Map Makhno! 

    It is so versatile and really offers a lot of options for mission makers with the river running through it.


    I just wanted to use this awesome map for a threeway ALiVE mission.

    Most stuff looks ok with the new visual upgrade. But i had to find out yesterday that the roads are veeery light in color. Almost a full true white with only a little bit of texture to it.

    I tried to lower my brightness/gamma but that did not really work, because then, as you may expect, everything else was way too dark. 

    Is this a known issue after 1.60 visual upgrade?

    Also I am right now on the APEX Sneak Preview build...maybe this causes the error? 


    Would be glad to be able to use this map because it would fit perfectly for my planned mission layout.


    EDIT: Maybe it's an issue caused by the Steam Workshop version of the map that I use and/or me being on APEX Preview build of Arma.

    I will check later how it looks with Arma 1.60 build and the version of the map from your recent Mediafire download link.

    Then I will report back.