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  1. There is intercom in the beta :)
  2. alphakilo

    United States Air Force( 2015)

    Hey Fuller! When attempting to use the F-35A, I ran into an error or bug. In attempt to load the JAGM, no JAGM appears. An error is shown on screen with further in the RPT with a link here. This occurs when USAF is running on its own. Following are errors which appear in succession in the RPT. Full RPT bellow. 1:25:29 Warning Message: No entry 'bin\config.bin/CfgWeapons.USAF_JAGM_Launcher'. 1:25:29 Warning Message: Error: creating weapon USAF_JAGM_Launcher with scope=private 1:25:41 Given magazine[USAF_1Rnd_JAGM] not found)
  3. Can't wait to see the F-16Ds!
  4. Would it be possible to load the mini guns with tracers for training and possibly other training weapons too?
  5. alphakilo

    United States Air Force( 2015)

    Hey Fuller! I looked around and I couldn't find this issue: it appears that the gun's are not auto-corrected on the AC-130. Though I understand this is not a bug I wanted to know if you would work on creating a way for it to accurately hit it's targets. My reasoning is that the M102 is very effective but inaccurate. Even at close and far distances, the SABOT round for example is not precise enough to hit a armoured vehicle. I hope you take this into consideration for future updates. The mod is amazing overall! n.b. does the GBU53 have milimetre wave guidance?
  6. Being in the IT role for my unit we recently removed massi. Drifter made his units with Massi but since we removed it we needed to change them. Drifter has not been able to get to it so the instead I have just changed the class names, I am in his unit and I have his explicit permission.
  7. Hey All! This is a different version of Drifter's pack which uses RHS Download links: https://mega.nz/#!hwoXSCAA!C1OJrFqs37vQsqiBJVH-uMX21hmHPnQrORrWCZBnrP8 or find it on PwS too! Features: ChangeLog: Requirements: RHS Drifter's Units with Massi: https://forums.bistudio.com/topic/176628-1st-ranger-battalion-re-textured-units-public-release/?hl=ranger If any errors are found, please let me know ASAP! Please do not re-edit or re-texture these units, unless you have my word to do so. These units Configs/textures are not to be tampered with. AT ALL. Credits: Thanks to the whole RHS team Thanks to Foxhound and the ArmAholic Community. Thanks to kecharles28 and the PlayWithSix staff and community. Thanks to the members of the 1st Ranger Battalion for supporting and encouraging me for more additions to this addon! Thank to Drifter for creating these awesome uniforms for us to use! Thanks for the support, and any help given in the near future!
  8. alphakilo

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    The reason for this is that in real life the cannon is built into the helicopter to increase stability. The Ka-52 is a bit hard to get used to and takes good gunner-pilot communication. With my use, I had discovered that this in manageable.
  9. I may be wrong but the DAPs use FIM-92 Stingers rather than AIM-9s for air defence, no?
  10. I'm really hoping for them too haha!
  11. Stinger, AGM114, FFAR and the M320 is all I need to kill :lol: :lol:
  12. I remember in an earlier version we were able to load loadouts that contained items that we weren't running. The selection would be blue I think and it would tell us what we were missing. Would it be possible to get this feature readded?
  13. alphakilo

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    Hey Kaia! I love the idea btw but maybe it would help to submit on the feedback tracker? http://feedback.rhsmods.org/