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  1. dobryi_33rus

    Iron Front as mod in Arma 3

    Greate job :ok: But i have a problem with sound. Units are silent as a mute ))) Also no subtitles. This problem can be solved ??? p.s. I play through the Play withSIX and have full IF+DDay DLC
  2. dobryi_33rus

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    Greate job :ok:
  3. Ruthberg, you can do locking rifles on the "bipod" ???
  4. fixed the problem)))) I used not last versions. (rely on "Play-withSIX").
  5. Hi Ruthberg. ATragMX stopped working, dont calculated(value C1 empty) . Im do not played 1 month, it was all good. Tell me what to do ? p.s. @advancedballistics, @atragmx and @kestrel4500 updated to last versions.
  6. Ok. I will try to contact the developer these scopes and write you later.
  7. Ruthberg, please add a zeroyning for PSO scopes: "optic_SUD_PSO1", "optic_SUD_PSO4", "optic_SUD_PSO4_camo". (from mod: @sud_russians) Elev. 1 click = 50 meters (min= 100 max= 1000 meters) Wind. 1 click = 1/2 mil (min= -10 max= 10 mil)
  8. Ruthberg, create mod-pack with your mods: @advancedballistics; @ATragMX; @kestrel4500; and Vector 21b from @BWA3 :cool: It would be nice. :thumbsup::thumbsup:
  9. Great job Rutberg !!! :clap: Add a clicking sound on the change in elevation and windage :ok:
  10. Elevation correction to the counterclaim and the tailwind is not calculated ***? Only crosswind ?:confused:
  11. +Install @AdvancedBallistics(last vesion)