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  1. Looking good so far! A Port from the PL-01 Tank would be awesome!
  2. Oh i havent seen this. Maybe because the new "G.Skill Trident Z Neo" series is coming this month? The new rams have a "3600 2x8Gb 3600 14-15-15-35 Kit", maybe i wait for this. Or a "16-16-16-36 3600 2x16GB Kit". I have to look at the price when it comes out.
  3. Yes 32GB with good timings have a high price. The Kit that i would buy is 2x8GB, so i can upgrade it to 32GB with the same Kit if needed or not?
  4. Yes 850W is too much. I will probably buy it next week or so, i dont think that the prices will chance much in.the near future. Thanks for the feedback @Groove_C!
  5. Hello fellow Soldiers. I follow this Thread for a while and want to buy a new PC. My old Pc runs on a i7-2600k, with not good fps in Arma 3. I made a list and would like your opinion on it and if there is a better option. I would take intel again, because it seems that intel is still better for gaming and i only do that. Intel Core i9-9900K (would oc it) Noctua NH-D15 ASUS ROG Maximus XI Hero G.Skill Trident Z DIMM Kit 16GB, DDR4-3600, CL15-15-15-35 Seasonic Focus Plus Gold 850W ATX 2.4 (dunno if too much, but would have space for upgrades) For the graphics i would take my gtx 1070 for the moment and would upgrade when needed.
  6. ohhh, you are right, i haven´t looked into the devbuild for a while. And also: I´am loading the devbuild right now and try it again, thanks!
  7. Hey Bohemia Forum, i encountered a problem and can't find a solution for this. I try to give a plane a "Loiter" waypoint and try to use the new "flyinHeightASL". But the plane only wants to use the normal "flyinHeight" command and only use "flyinHeightASL" when it doesn´t have a loiter waypoint. Any ideas are welcome. Xaneas
  8. "Battleye Log shown in arma 3 launcher:" The log in my first post is from the arma 3 launcher, so yeah i start arma with the launcher and battleye enabled.
  9. As the title says, Battleye blocks all .dll files from Ace 3. Battleye Log shown in arma 3 launcher: What i tried so far: - reinstalling arma 3 and remove all files (arma 3 and appdata folders) - remove all Battleye files and let steam redownload it - install fresh Battleye files from the Battleye site - updated Windows - load fresh versions from cba and ace 3 - run arma and all Battleeye files as admin - add arma and Battleye to the firewall - deactivate firewall and antivirus program (windows defender) - tried ace 3.4.2 and the newest version 3.5.0 - made a backup and remove my arma 3 profile/config files My Pc is running Windows 8.1 Mfg Xaneas Edit: added more things i tried.
  10. Hey Aristenn, i tried the older version "3.4.2" as well and it dont work. All my friends have no problem with it.
  11. Hey, i want to give only the AT Soldier access to a missile launcher in the Virtual Arsenal. But if the AT Soldier use the Virtual Arsenal, all other classes get the missile launcher as well. The script is for a Dedicated Server My try with Addaction: Any help is much appreciated. Greetings Xaneas
  12. Screenshot with the Collision and Popup Problem: http://i.imgur.com/oRQsT0p.jpg
  13. Nice Interior. My feedback: (with AGM) Start with zeroing 0, ending with shooting under the Tank. Rear collision of the Tank not existing. Replacement wheels on the side of the Turret popup at ~10m. Logfile Errors: