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  1. Looking good so far! A Port from the PL-01 Tank would be awesome!
  2. Oh i havent seen this. Maybe because the new "G.Skill Trident Z Neo" series is coming this month? The new rams have a "3600 2x8Gb 3600 14-15-15-35 Kit", maybe i wait for this. Or a "16-16-16-36 3600 2x16GB Kit". I have to look at the price when it comes out.
  3. Yes 32GB with good timings have a high price. The Kit that i would buy is 2x8GB, so i can upgrade it to 32GB with the same Kit if needed or not?
  4. Yes 850W is too much. I will probably buy it next week or so, i dont think that the prices will chance much in.the near future. Thanks for the feedback @Groove_C!
  5. Hello fellow Soldiers. I follow this Thread for a while and want to buy a new PC. My old Pc runs on a i7-2600k, with not good fps in Arma 3. I made a list and would like your opinion on it and if there is a better option. I would take intel again, because it seems that intel is still better for gaming and i only do that. Intel Core i9-9900K (would oc it) Noctua NH-D15 ASUS ROG Maximus XI Hero G.Skill Trident Z DIMM Kit 16GB, DDR4-3600, CL15-15-15-35 Seasonic Focus Plus Gold 850W ATX 2.4 (dunno if too much, but would have space for upgrades) For the graphics i would take my gtx 1070 for the moment and would upgrade when needed.
  6. ohhh, you are right, i haven´t looked into the devbuild for a while. And also: I´am loading the devbuild right now and try it again, thanks!
  7. Hey Bohemia Forum, i encountered a problem and can't find a solution for this. I try to give a plane a "Loiter" waypoint and try to use the new "flyinHeightASL". But the plane only wants to use the normal "flyinHeight" command and only use "flyinHeightASL" when it doesn´t have a loiter waypoint. Any ideas are welcome. Xaneas
  8. "Battleye Log shown in arma 3 launcher:" The log in my first post is from the arma 3 launcher, so yeah i start arma with the launcher and battleye enabled.
  9. Hey Aristenn, i tried the older version "3.4.2" as well and it dont work. All my friends have no problem with it.
  10. As the title says, Battleye blocks all .dll files from Ace 3. Battleye Log shown in arma 3 launcher: What i tried so far: - reinstalling arma 3 and remove all files (arma 3 and appdata folders) - remove all Battleye files and let steam redownload it - install fresh Battleye files from the Battleye site - updated Windows - load fresh versions from cba and ace 3 - run arma and all Battleeye files as admin - add arma and Battleye to the firewall - deactivate firewall and antivirus program (windows defender) - tried ace 3.4.2 and the newest version 3.5.0 - made a backup and remove my arma 3 profile/config files My Pc is running Windows 8.1 Mfg Xaneas Edit: added more things i tried.
  11. Hey, i want to give only the AT Soldier access to a missile launcher in the Virtual Arsenal. But if the AT Soldier use the Virtual Arsenal, all other classes get the missile launcher as well. The script is for a Dedicated Server My try with Addaction: Any help is much appreciated. Greetings Xaneas
  12. Screenshot with the Collision and Popup Problem: http://i.imgur.com/oRQsT0p.jpg
  13. Nice Interior. My feedback: (with AGM) Start with zeroing 0, ending with shooting under the Tank. Rear collision of the Tank not existing. Replacement wheels on the side of the Turret popup at ~10m. Logfile Errors: