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  1. -NEW DEVELOPMENT- I decided to try out the new Apex content on the dev build and I got the idea to see if the spectator is working there and it IS WORKING but the UI is broken/doesn't show so I now believe this is some kind of issue on bohemia's end. Guess Ill just have to wait it out. If I find a fix I will post it here for future searches. Side note, "Mission fail when everyone is dead" doesn't work on stable but DOES on the preview. Sumfins' fishy here :ph34r:
  2. Valor Vanquisher

    Issue initializing end game spectator

    Tanaka52, did you ever fix the problem? Im having the same exact issue of the spectator mode not working and it used to.
  3. Hate to do this but....Bump....I really need to figure out whats going on with my missions, they are kinda broken atm because of this :(
  4. !!EDIT!! - So I hate to report that this didn't fix the spectator not working. its like its literally just broken. I'm not on the dev build either. is anyone else having any luck getting it working?
  5. Hello all, first post! :D :D I need help with the "End Game" spectator that was added in a few patches ago, I got it to work on some missions I made about two months ago but now it just doesn't work at all when it should. As you can see here in this screenshot it is set work but when a player dies they basically see this endlessly I am running the game vanilla no mods so it cant be that. I did many google searches and forum searches but I literally came up with NOTHING on this issue and made a post myself to /r/Armadev but got no answers so far. This is especially weird because it worked fine before by just checking that 1 "Spectator" box...what gives? It should also be noted that I tried turning it on manually in description.ext but that didn't work either. Can someone help me with this problem please? It would be much appreciated.