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    setGroupIcon Issue

    That only affects text size, not icon size. If you look at the setGroupIcon, command it does mention _iconsize but it is very cryptic.
  2. citazenman

    setGroupIcon Issue

    Yes, I already have done that. Neither of those commands pertain to size . _markGrp = _this select 0; _shape = _this select 1; _color = _this select 2; _markGrp addGroupIcon [_shape,[0,0]]; _markGrp setGroupIconParams [_color,"",1,true]; onGroupIconOverEnter "(_this select 1) setGroupIcon (Can't figure out)"; onGroupIconOverLeave "(_this select 1) setGroupIcon (Can't figure out)";
  3. Hello and thank you for reading. I'm currently working on a script in which I want a group icon to get bigger when the player mouses over it. onGroupIconOverEnter "(_this select 1) setGroupIcon (Can't figure out)"; onGroupIconOverLeave "(_this select 1) setGroupIcon (Can't figure out)"; No matter what I do in the setGroupIcon parameters I can't get it to work. The wiki page is very poorly explained for this command. https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/setGroupIcon Thanks in advance if anyone can help.
  4. Thanks Larrow, this sounds like it will work. I'll try it in my script tomorrow.
  5. Hello and thank you for reading, I am currently working on a decently large project that included an extraction script. The script is supposed to send a helicopter with a sufficient amount of seats to pickup a group. However, since the introduction of firing from vehicles, there is an issue. The config entry "TransportSoldier" no longer represents a real amount of passenger seats in a vehicle. The entry only accounts for seats where FFV is unavailable. This makes it impossible for my script to ever use the MH-9 or many of the RHS vehicles because they use a lot of ffv slots. I'll give an example below: if ( (getNumber(_vehicle >> "transportSoldier")) >= (count (units _extractGroup)) ) then {extractNames = extractNames + [configName _vehicle]}; //The MH-9 only has 2 non FFV seats so it is almost never in the array I am aware that there is already a ticket open for this but it is getting little attention and I doubt this is a priority at all for the Devs right now. http://feedback.arma3.com/view.php?id=21602 Thank you in advance if anyone can think of a work around for this that doesn't involve spawning each vehicle and using emptyPositions.
  6. citazenman

    1 hit kills mod?

    you could add this to the mission init.sqf of any mission you want one shot kills in. {if ((side _x) == east) then {_x addEventHandler ["hit", {_this select 0 setDamage 1}];}} forEach allUnits;
  7. citazenman

    Loadout / Equipment Issue.

    Thanks I was wondering if BIS_fnc_mp would fix it, but I wasnt sure how to use it in this context. works perfectly
  8. I have a small problem. I have a very complex mission that I have solved nearly every issue with, except this pesky one. I have the players in the mission get placed in a C-130 with equipment for a HALO jump.(The AI just teleport to the team leader after everyone is on the ground.) I can't get the units to properly apply new equipment after all units are on the ground. Here is the relavent parts of the init and equipment SQFs.(I omitted most of it for space.) Init example of a loadout Thanks for taking the time to read and for any help you can give. I assume this is a locality issue because It works fine in SP. only certain aspects of the scripts fail.(backpacks,vest items, etc...)
  9. [] spawn { while {true} do {{_x allowdamage true} forEach vehicles; sleep 15;}; }; This would work, but I'm not sure it is worth the weight. Another reason why the garage is still not a great option yet is that it can only have one vehicle per player at a time it seems. I'm sure the devs will fix it up for us soon. :)
  10. I was wondering if setHitPointDamage still works with medical and how it is affected? https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/setHitPointDamage Haven't been able to test it myself yet.
  11. I have a bit of brain melter today.(at least for me it is) I have an issue trying to set up repeatable, randomly generated side missions for a Firing Range/Bootcamp mission I'm making for ACE . Players will be able to walk over to a Mission Board(filled with addactions for each mission type) and start missions. I have a system in place so that only one of the missions can be active at once and a reset option to clear the active mission. In single player testing the mission is great. There are no loops or heavy weight scripting at all. However, it doesn't transition well into MP(not much ever does for a learning scripter). Hopefully the code will explain itself. I've tried all sorts of varieties of IsServer and BIS_FNC_MP but I can never get a result that will work for all the different missions. I'm just going to show an example of one of the side missions in singleplayer form. Init specopmission.sqf LV\fillHouse.sqf is from here http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=19832 <- Probably not the problem or solution If you have any optimizations or ways I can get this functioning in MP I would be very grateful. Thanks.
  12. citazenman

    No Text In GUI From Editor?

    Thanks it works fine now. @BearBison thanks for the tip.
  13. citazenman

    No Text In GUI From Editor?

    Thanks for the reply. I'd need some help with that, seeing as I don't really know how or why this whole define thing works yet. I assume it would look like this: #define GUI_GRID_H (something here) My question is, what should i put in the (something here) spot? Is there anywhere you suggest I go to actually learn about this? Most tutorials seem to be made with the assumption that the viewer knows about defines. Thanks