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  1. phatpuke

    Arma Reforger - Mission Editor

    Pretty much this, As much as the new Editor is honestly amazing and powerful. After sat doing software developement all day the old eden editor was a blessing for when you either wanted to quickly test a proof of concept or just do stupid stuff like attach AA guns to camels.. Although I highly doubt it would happen. An API to allow the C based language and bringing back 'SQF' through ingame editor to allow best of both worlds would be amazing, There was some great devs in a2/a3 that wouldn't even try to make stuff if its kept the way its currently is.
  2. If careless is on it goes to whole new level of weird and just walk through the floor/wall haha
  3. sadly none of these work. Even if i set it as this forceWalk true; level1_unit1 disableAi "checkVisible"; level1_unit1 allowFleeing 0; level1_unit1 setSkill ["courage",1];
  4. can also do [CMD] remoteexeccall ["FUNCTION",[0,-2] select isDedicated,true];
  5. pretty simple, have an file that would be called say 'serverID.sqf' inside that you'd have something like. serverID = "MYSERVERID"; //example - serverID = "PHAT" publicVariable "serverID"; Here is a snippet of a gamemode i made years ago that did pretty much exactly what you're after //loadAccount.sqf ["NODE_Var_lvl"] call fn_LoadStat; ["NODE_Var_XP"] call fn_LoadStat; ["NODE_fnc_faction"] call fn_LoadStat; ["NODE_side"] call fn_LoadStat; ["NODE_fnc_class"] call fn_LoadStat; ["NODE_SETUP_COMPLETE"] call fn_LoadStat; call NODE_fnc_gearArray; _gearFnc = NODE_fnc_gear select NODE_Var_lvl; player setUnitLoadout _gearFnc; call setupCheck; statsLoaded = 1; //savefuncs.sqf fn_SaveStat = { _varName = _this select 0; _varValue = _this select 1; profileNameSpace setVariable [_varName + serverID,_varValue]; }; fn_LoadStat = { _varName = _this select 0; _varValue = profileNameSpace getVariable (_varName + serverID); if(isNil "_varValue") exitWith {}; [_varName,_varValue] call fn_SetStat; }; //=========================================================================== //ADD VARIABLES TO THIS ARRAY THAT NEED SPECIAL SCRIPTING TO LOAD specialVarLoads = [ "NODE_Var_lvl", "NODE_Var_XP", "NODE_fnc_faction", "NODE_side", "NODE_fnc_class", "NODE_SETUP_COMPLETE" ]; //THIS FUNCTIONS HANDLES HOW STATS ARE LOADED fn_SetStat = { _varName = _this select 0; _varValue = _this select 1; if(isNil '_varValue') exitWith {}; if(_varName in specialVarLoads) then { if(_varName == 'NODE_Var_lvl') then {NODE_Var_lvl = _varValue}; if(_varName == 'NODE_Var_XP') then {NODE_Var_XP = _varValue}; if(_varName == 'NODE_fnc_faction') then {NODE_fnc_faction = _varValue}; if(_varName == 'NODE_side') then {NODE_side = _varValue}; if(_varName == 'NODE_fnc_class') then {NODE_fnc_class = _varValue}; if(_varName == 'NODE_SETUP_COMPLETE') then {NODE_SETUP_COMPLETE = _varValue}; } else { call compile format ["%1 = %2",_varName,_varValue]; }; }; //================================================================================================================================================================================================== saveFuncsLoaded = true; //saveloop.sqf waitUntil {!isNil "statsLoaded"}; while {true} do { ["NODE_Var_XP", NODE_Var_XP] call fn_SaveStat; sleep 1; ["NODE_Var_lvl", NODE_Var_lvl] call fn_SaveStat; };
  6. Gone through every single possible option. My guess is the engine interracts with players completely different to how it interfacts with other AI. 'Arma Life'
  7. A AI unit and player are both know by the patrol AI, if you set the camouflageCoef to 0 (or even 0.0001) AI still does this.
  8. Encountered this weird issue and no idea if there is any possible way around this without doing CaptureUnit. Disabled numerous AI functions, made the player invisable, setcaptive pretty much everything I can think of but the AI will still do this if a player is close. If i place another AI at the players position and then view it through the camera, The AI is acting exactly how it should. Any idea's?
  9. phatpuke


    also a switch case would be a lot cleaner. https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/switch_do
  10. Have the script have a variable such as 'WaitingTimer' have this sat in a if statement and another loop inside your main statement. if(WaitingTimer <= 0) then { waitingTimer = 10; CODE ; for "_i" from 1 to _limit do {waitingTimer = WaitingTimer - 1; sleep 1;}} else {""}; for example?
  11. Although i had to shove this into a expression for each sector, this works nicely. Knew it would be something simple, as there is 0 documentation on BIS_fnc_showNotification_queue :P
  12. from the start or 'where ever the sound is' ?
  13. Afternoon all, Working on a current project and I have hit a little snag. So I don't need to code a whole function from scratch using markers I decided to use the ingame Sector modules. The sectors themselves save so the battlefield is constantly persistent, so in the mission file all the sectors are marked as empty and call a script that does the resource (currency) and assigned west/east accordingly. This works perfectly.. however every time the mission is restart (in SP & MP) You'll get a lovely spam of notification "A was captured by x" "B was captured by x" ect ect I've tried moving this to initserver, isdedicated ect ect, The client however will always seem to show the notification, anyone know a way to disable these for the sector modules?