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  1. alsanjuro

    Arma 3 Updates

    Can someone explain to me why is it now that every update that comes out is over 5gb for Apex edition and around 1 gb for no Apex. It looks like i am redownloading Apex every time there is an update even with small tweaks its 5gb?
  2. Can you please give us an option to switch between new and old flight controls since not all of us use a hotas setup and use mouse and keyboard? It is very frustrating to use these controls with mouse keyboard. You gave us an option for helicopters to switch between AFM and old. Let mission makers force these controls. Please
  3. alsanjuro

    Throttle System Option

    So they gave us an options to use either advance flight model for helis or normal why can't we have same options with jets and vtol aircraft. I do not own a hotas set up i use a mouse and keyboard for controls if you wanna give people with setups advanced controls fine but at current state it is unplayable. You can not fine tune throttle with keyboard keys. I hope we can get an option and if not why would i wanna pay for more jets and not able to enjoy fly them.
  4. So why is it after the 1.7 update every time i launch Arma 3 it has Apex controls as default cause before i had it set to Arma 3 preset and have use it since game . Is this a bug or is Bohemia forcing Apex control preset? It doesn't matter which one i choose after i relaunch Arma 3 its back to Apex preset. I do no want to use it.
  5. I am just wondering why we dont get a option to switch between this new flight mechanics for jets and vtol like with the advanced flight model for helis. A lot of people like my self fly with mouse and keyboard and don't have a hotas setup of sorts this makes flying not so enjoyable. Flying jets i can not make them put on cruise since if i press more throttle it will go full speed and if i turn it down it just starts loosing power and that goes especially for Vtol when i am trying to land with it as soon as i throttle down it starts to drop out of the sky. The other thing now every jet tends to nose dive after few seconds when flying at any speed. There was nothing wrong with previous flight model at least give me a option to revert back to way it use to be.
  6. I use play with six. I have not made any changes to the system the only difference is that i updated it and would not show. I really like play with six and is there a way to revert back to previous version of it by any chance. I tried using sync and i get errors and not a fan of it mostly cause if find play with six easier to use.
  7. I have used play with six client for a while now and since the last update came through it does not launch and when i check my task manager it says that it is running in the background and yet it doesnt show on my screen. I tried reinstall it and still the same issue. Does anyone know what might be causing this? Any help would be appreciated.
  8. I am using the script version and now even though i delete the mission files i get the error ""include file LT/Ltmenu.hpp" when i try to host a game either on lan or internet and then game crashes. Looks like when i launch the game with default arma 3 launcher this problem pops up and now when i launch it with play with six works even though it didnt work before. Now i am getting confused. I dont know but ever since the Apex launched i have had problems with random crashing never had any issues with the preview version of arma i am not sure if they are related.
  9. If anyone can help please my Arma keeps crashing when trying to host a multiplayer game and i get "include file LT/Ltmenu.hpp" which i believe is part of the script. I have removed every mission and crashes with mods or without any mods only does it when i am trying to host. Game worked fine and have not made any changes just that today it started to crash.
  10. Hello everyone i was wondering if anyone can help me get the Farooq's revive to work with the coop version i have tried putting it in and kind of works except when anyone respawns they are teleported to the bottom left corner of the map. Any help would be gladly appreciated. Thank you
  11. alsanjuro

    Apex DLC

    Yeah thanks for the smart arse comment yeah just go and browse hundreds of posts. If you dont know the answer no one asked you for your dumb comment.
  12. alsanjuro

    Apex DLC

    So are we gonna see any females in Apex or have all the women died out by 2035? There were females in Arma 2. Any info would be great.
  13. alsanjuro

    1.60 visuals are a step back.

    You are not the only one buildings do look too grainy and i thought it was the sharpness settings but it wasnt. Lot of things look too bright especially buildings and that is including inside and outside of them. It might be just we need to get used to it since for the last 3 years we got used to the old visuals. Water and vegetation look very good.
  14. alsanjuro

    Arma 3 flinching mechanics

    Solution i found in stupid flinch animation is i use ACE mod when you shoot someone they go down depending where you shot them and also if you get hit you can get knocked down. I hate the flinch animation sometimes when you shoot the enemy their arms go up and twitch. Maybe one day they will fix it i mean they keep changing the walking animations they might go and say hey i can fix this issues.
  15. It might work if you add manually factories and power plants mind you i have not tried adding them manually to the map not sure if the scripts would recognise them. Yeah the map will feel bigger since there is a lot of water. What i have found out that WLA like big land map maps some work better than others. At the moment i like playing on Napf map using the multiplayer mission and am trying to incorporate a LHD aircraft carrier as a base of operations since if it gives me option for coop. I hope someone who is good at scripting will give you a hand. I love this mission and its what i wanted to play in ARMA 3 in which your environment is alive. Wish you all the best in making it happen.