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  1. Alright. First off, thanks for the help. Here is my idea. I'm making a campaign for myself. The first mission is an SF raid on a small base to prepare for the main invasion on the next level. What I want to happen is when my unit gets to a certain point, the AI spring an ambush and my squad surrenders. End of mission. Next mission, that squad gets rescued. Not even sure where to begin on accomplishing this. If I can keep to triggers and simple commands, I would prefer that.
  2. theboomofdoom

    Problem with first campaign mission of OA.

    Yes. I don't have any mods at all.
  3. The mission starts with your team sitting in a lack SUV. My game won't go past that. It's not freezing or crashing, there are still cars and people moving around. My team just sits there. I've let it run for 30 mins IRL. Nothing happens. I'd like to fix it if I can. Just skip it if I can't.
  4. theboomofdoom

    Need help making a mission

    I have Arma2. Does that matter?
  5. I know after this is all said and done I'm going to wonder why I didn't think of that, but here goes. What I want is for two helicopters to drop off two two squads, come back, get two new squads and go drop them off. I have the first part. When the the choppers come back the two new ones just stand there. I've tried get in, get in nearest, they just stand there. I'm not very good at scripting so I'm trying to keep this simple. Thanks fellas.
  6. theboomofdoom

    Using Arma 2 mods the simple way

    Having trouble getting addons to work. I followed the directions both here and Armaholic and both are a no-go. I using the design master M4. I moved that folder into the Arma directory, made an addons folder inside that and put the pbo's inside. My target line is -nosplash -mod=@dm I went to editor >class>ammo and nothing shows up.
  7. I have the disc for Arma2 that's version 1.01 and I'm trying update from a USB because I don't have internet at home. I downloaded the latest patch from Armaholic onto a library computer, C&P the files onto a USB and tried to install it on my home computer but it keeps telling me that Arms is not installed on this computer. How do I get this to work? Thanks.