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  1. Hello, I heard now several times the rumour that only white smoke gives a cover-effect compared to AI. Is this reality? Because when I look through thermal-googles or something like that, smoke, whatever colour it is, covers the visual field? For coop-games I want to use yellow smoke or some another coloured, to show friendly troops and my comrades that this is not enemy-smoke, that is working on battlefield, but I heard now so often that only the white smoke should work for cover against AI and now I want to know, if its only a fictional story or if this is true. Does anyone know it or has a proof? Thx, Waidmann
  2. Do I understand you right? Smoke from vanilla, equal to its colour, gives you cover against AI-soldiers. Do you have a video please, where this is shown, because I have so much discussions about this effect on the server I played often?
  3. One sound is MIA : local_start.wav for the DD.
  4. You can found the sounds from that video in TFAR 0.9.8. There are 2 folders, 1 for old and 1 for new radio-sounds, in one of them are this sounds. @Horus: Its crazy but I haven´t this folder, doesn´t know why. I know only that in the past I have that, but not actual. Nethertheless I found a way to put individual sounds in TFAR, must open the data "task_force_radio.ts3_plugin" with winrar or another prog and change the radio-sounds in it. After that use the data as described and Teamspeak use the new changed sounds.
  5. Since last updates from teamspeak, I have a problem. In the past I preferred the acre sounds in TFAR, because I found them more realistic for military-radios and used the sound data from this armaholic-mod: http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=28342 It is the same way as described in this tutorial-vid: But since the last versions of Teamspeak there isn´t any folder for the radio-sounds to change the sounds. In older versions of tfar you have old and new radio sounds but in the actual version there aren´t any. Can anybody help me?
  6. waidmann

    LEA - Loadout Editor for ArmA 3

    Will the Apex content find a way into LEA?
  7. waidmann

    LEA - Loadout Editor for ArmA 3

    Do you have to use the server-parameter every time when you host a game or is it for a dedicated server?
  8. waidmann

    LEA - Loadout Editor for ArmA 3

    I don´t know if anybody has asked it before in this thread, but what is with the implementation of the content from the marksman dlc? Don´t find it under the repositories or under the standard-equipment from arma3.
  9. waidmann

    LEA - Loadout Editor for ArmA 3

    Ok, now it works, puhhh, what a luck ^_^
  10. waidmann

    LEA - Loadout Editor for ArmA 3

    I have the same problem, but your tip doesn´t help. Have entered the parameter "-filepathing" in steam startoptions and in the armalauncher-parameters. Have installed Java 7 and Java 8, but nothing works. Any idea?
  11. No, I mean Sahrani. SMD_Sahrani is unpacked through the .bat. I think some of the maps have another name in the pbo. Podagorsk especially must changed in fdf_isle1_a.pbo.
  12. Nope, I tried it with Sahrani, doesn´t work.
  13. Is VTS really with every map compatibel? Used the .bat data in my mpmissions-folder, but haven`t VTS on wake-island, sahrani, southern sahrani and any other maps, especially. Does anyone know if it is a problem of vts or if the .bat doesn´t work completely with all maps?
  14. Since the last November-Update the bug is away. Haven´t cleaned my Workshop-Content, and although all is o.k.
  15. Two guys write in the feedbacktracker that renaming profile is the key, but it doesn´t work for me. Any other news?
  16. Seems, this problem is now a HVT for Bohemia. Sounds so in the feedbacktracker. I hope they find and kill him with no mercy, this ugly bug.
  17. Thank you Günter for answer on my request. Do I understand it correct, the problem is known from BIS and our only hope is to wait for next update? Because Steam found every time when I´m searching for errors a bug and correct it, but it doesn´t help. Greetings Waidmann
  18. Hello folks, every time when I´ve host a multiplayergame and join the game, the loading screen of the mission periodically pops up every few seconds. It isn´t relevant if it is a vanilla-mission or a mission from steam-workshop. The problem exists with or without loading mods. The wonder is, that players who join my game don´t seen this popping mapscreen. And when I join a game or play singleplayer, the "pop-up-loading screen" doesn´t show himself. I tried to repair Arma 3 from steam a few times, but the two times that steam find an error, it doesn´t solve my problem. Has anyone here an idea for a solution without to install Arma new. Thanks, Waidmann
  19. waidmann

    LEA - Loadout Editor for ArmA 3

    Hello Major Shepard, have a problem to add the BWMOD ver. 1.1 complete with all items. Have the Mod extracted and analysed in Lea and added the right png-pics after download from the Mod-Site bwmod.de to the equipment. But at least I see that lea doesn´t show the vests from the Mod and don´t list them under items. But in the analyse-path from Lea I sea that the analysing was succesfull and Lea have the data for the vests. The mysterious thing is, that all of the vests are in lea under repository for BWMOD vers. 1 and when I do the extraction from vers. 1 Lea doesn´t show me the vests again. My question is, if it is possible that a regular update for the mod for 1.1 is coming or if someone has an idea why Lea doesn´t list all equipment to install full. Greetings, Waidmann