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  1. Now, 8 months later I tried it again and the 3D editor still screwed up the campaign missions. And with the old 2D editor removed there is no option anymore, which left me basically stranded ... I put a decent amount of time into modding and now I can't do any progress :(
  2. The old 2D editor works fine but the new 3D editor will corrupt waypoints. Example: In the first campaign mission A_in.Stratis after the helicopter ride Adams (instead of waiting by the truck) will walk to the Kamino firing range (by foot). This makes further progress impossible. It seems the new 3D editor isn't fully compatible with old missions.
  3. max1944

    ArmA3 AI

    Within the campaign they all have night vision goggles on their helmets but on many night time missions their NVG's magically vanish. That is a (pretty dumb) logic gap. I'm happy with the AI as long as it won't get worse. BI will fiddle change the AI without noticing the consequences. Be happy and pray that it won't get worse (like the eden editor corrups waypoints of the campaign missions).
  4. Yes, I've noticed that forceSpeed won't work because if the leader gets too far ahead he has to wait for the last one in the formation and that causes the stuttering movement. You could try setCombatmode "GREEN" or "BLUE"
  5. I think this is normal: Careless - Careless behaviour will cause the group move and behave in a very non-combat manner. The group will form into a Compact Column like formation, where each unit will directly follow the man in front rather than moving in a formation. Soldiers will carry their weapons in safe position (rifles across body, pistols holstered) and walk slowly. Infantry will not fire on enemy targets (unless they have wounded legs), but vehicles will still fire on enemies. Groups in careless mode do not switch to a more alert mode if enemies are encountered. All unit types show preference moving along roads whenever possible.If you want them to move fast you have to use this forceSpeed. EDIT = won't work this setBehaviour "CARELESS"; this forceSpeed 45;
  6. Hello Is it possible to add a primary weapon item to a cfgVehicle unit? I would like to give CTRG Miller a custom weapon: (black MXC rifle with silencer and nightstalker scope). addPrimaryWeaponItem seems not to work and adding a custom loadout for every mission and cutscene is a pain in the ass. I would rather like to patch the cfgVehicle. I would appreciate any help
  7. I noticed the glasses for individual characters are defined in cfgIdentities, but I don't know how to patch it. I don't know the requiredAddons and there are no parents. class CfgPatches { class cfgIdentities_Mod { units[] = {}; weapons[] = {}; requiredVersion = 0.1; requiredAddons[] = {???}; }; }; class cfgIdentities { class EPA_B_McKay { nameSound = "McKay"; face = "WhiteHead_02"; glasses = "G_Combat"; }; };
  8. Thank you very much. It worked with this code: class CfgPatches { class cfgWeapons_Mod { units[] = {}; weapons[] = {}; requiredVersion = 0.1; requiredAddons[] = {"A3_Weapons_F"}; }; }; class CfgWeapons { class arifle_MXC_Black_F; class arifle_MXC_Black_NST_pointer_snds_F : arifle_MXC_Black_F { class LinkedItems { class LinkedItemsOptic { slot = "CowsSlot"; item = "optic_Nightstalker"; }; class LinkedItemsMuzzle { slot = "MuzzleSlot"; item = "muzzle_snds_H"; }; class LinkedItemsAcc { slot = "PointerSlot"; item = "acc_pointer_IR"; }; }; }; }; Finally the CTRG guys are equiped properly by default: SOLVED: (There is just one minor thing: Does someone know how to remove/change the goggles/sunglasses on cfgVehicles? (I dislike the yellow sport shades on McKay))
  9. I can change the loadout but I don't know how to add a scope and silencer to cfgVehicles units. There is no weapon in this list that would fit.
  10. Hello There is a way to bypass the maximum cargo capacity of a vehicle (In this case a quadbike). All I had to do was to add empty backpacks to the vehicle and exchange them with full carryall backpacks from the player inventory (see below). With the most vehicles there is no need to do this but the quadbikes have a ridiculously small inventory size. I would like to see this fixed and the inventory size of the quadbikes should be increased. I can't fix this issue by myself but I have made a mod to adjust the inventory size (source). The "maximumLoad" capacity of all quadbikes was increased from 600 to 1900. This equals two full carryall backpacks and a Lynx sniper rifle.
  11. Hello I have made a damage mod that works fine for the regular/vanilla cfgAmmo but those from the marksman DLC won't work. I think the requiredAddons[] = {}; for the marksman DLC is missing, but how could I find out? EDIT: SOLVED regular/vanilla cfgAmmo = "A3_Weapons_F" marksman DLC cfgAmmo = "A3_Weapons_F_Mark" Example: class CfgPatches { class Damage_Mod { units[] = {}; weapons[] = {}; requiredVersion = 0.1; requiredAddons[] = {"A3_Weapons_F", "A3_Weapons_F_Mark}; }; }; class CfgAmmo { class Bulletbase; class B_556x45_Ball : BulletBase { hit = 12; }; class B_338_Ball : BulletBase { hit = 24; }; };
  12. It works fine. But as seen with the open {} there might be a few things. Thanks to everyone
  13. I'm such a fool. I already tried "A3_Weapons_F_Mark" but I made a mistake. I used "A3_Weapons_F, A3_Weapons_F_Mark" without the proper quotation marks. Now it works. Thank you very much! I hadn't planned to make it public, but here is the code if someone likes to see/use it. If there are further errors, please let me know. Pistol damage x2 Rifle damage x1.5 (exept some of the powerful sniper rounds) Grenades are more leathal to keep up with the bullets Helicopters will go down with one Titan AA (like tanks do with one Titan AT) class CfgPatches { class Damage_Mod { units[] = {}; weapons[] = {}; requiredVersion = 0.1; requiredAddons[] = {"A3_Weapons_F", "A3_Weapons_F_Mark"}; }; }; class CfgAmmo { class BulletBase; class B_556x45_Ball : BulletBase { hit = 12; }; class B_556x45_Ball_Tracer_Red : B_556x45_Ball { hit = 12; }; class B_556x45_Ball_Tracer_Green : B_556x45_Ball { hit = 12; }; class B_556x45_Ball_Tracer_Yellow : B_556x45_Ball { hit = 12; }; class B_556x45_dual : B_556x45_Ball { hit = 12; }; class B_56x15_dual : BulletBase { hit = 12; }; class B_65x39_Caseless : BulletBase { hit = 15; }; class B_65x39_Caseless_green : B_65x39_Caseless { hit = 15; }; class B_65x39_Caseless_yellow : B_65x39_Caseless { hit = 15; }; class B_65x39_Case : B_65x39_Caseless { hit = 15; }; class B_65x39_Case_green : B_65x39_Case { hit = 15; }; class B_65x39_Case_yellow : B_65x39_Case { hit = 15; }; class B_65x39_Minigun_Caseless : B_65x39_Caseless { hit = 15; }; class B_65x39_Minigun_Caseless_Red_splash : B_65x39_Caseless { hit = 15; }; class B_65x39_Minigun_Caseless_Yellow_splash : B_65x39_Minigun_Caseless_Red_splash { hit = 15; }; class B_65x39_Minigun_Caseless_Green_splash : B_65x39_Minigun_Caseless_Red_splash { hit = 15; }; class B_762x51_Ball : BulletBase { hit = 18; }; class B_762x51_Tracer_Red : B_762x51_Ball { hit = 18; }; class B_762x51_Tracer_Green : B_762x51_Ball { hit = 18; }; class B_762x51_Tracer_Yellow : B_762x51_Ball { hit = 18; }; class B_762x54_Ball : B_762x51_Ball { hit = 18; }; class B_762x54_Tracer_Red : B_762x54_Ball { hit = 18; }; class B_762x54_Tracer_Green : B_762x54_Ball { hit = 18; }; class B_762x54_Tracer_Yellow : B_762x54_Ball { hit = 18; }; class B_762x51_Minigun_Tracer_Red : B_762x51_Ball { hit = 18; }; class B_762x51_Minigun_Tracer_Red_splash : B_762x51_Ball { hit = 18; }; class B_762x51_Minigun_Tracer_Yellow : B_762x51_Minigun_Tracer_Red { hit = 18; }; class B_762x51_Minigun_Tracer_Yellow_splash : B_762x51_Minigun_Tracer_Red_splash { hit = 18; }; class B_127x108_Ball : BulletBase { hit = 50; }; class B_127x108_APDS : B_127x108_Ball { hit = 60; }; class B_127x33_Ball : BulletBase { hit = 9; }; class B_127x54_Ball : BulletBase { hit = 20; }; class B_127x99_Ball : BulletBase { hit = 45; }; class B_127x99_Ball_Tracer_Green : B_127x99_Ball { hit = 45; }; class B_127x99_Ball_Tracer_Red : B_127x99_Ball { hit = 45; }; class B_127x99_Ball_Tracer_Yellow : B_127x99_Ball { hit = 45; }; class B_127x99_SLAP : B_127x99_Ball { hit = 50; }; class B_127x99_SLAP_Tracer_Green : B_127x99_SLAP { hit = 50; }; class B_127x99_SLAP_Tracer_Red : B_127x99_SLAP { hit = 50; }; class B_127x99_SLAP_Tracer_Yellow : B_127x99_SLAP { hit = 50; }; class B_338_Ball : BulletBase { hit = 24; }; class B_338_NM_Ball : BulletBase { hit = 21; }; class B_408_Ball : BulletBase { hit = 36; }; class B_45ACP_Ball : BulletBase { hit = 8; }; class B_45ACP_Ball_Green : B_45ACP_Ball { hit = 8; }; class B_45ACP_Ball_Yellow : B_45ACP_Ball { hit = 8; }; class B_93x64_Ball : BulletBase { hit = 27; }; class B_9x21_Ball : BulletBase { hit = 6; }; class B_9x21_Ball_Tracer_Green : B_9x21_Ball { hit = 6; }; class B_9x21_Ball_Tracer_Red : B_9x21_Ball_Tracer_Green { hit = 6; }; class B_9x21_Ball_Tracer_Yellow : B_9x21_Ball_Tracer_Green { hit = 6; }; class GrenadeBase; class G_20mm_HE : GrenadeBase { indirectHit = 8; indirectHitRange = 5; }; class G_40mm_HE : GrenadeBase { indirectHit = 16; indirectHitRange = 7.5; }; class G_40mm_HEDP : GrenadeBase { deflecting = 5; indirectHit = 12; indirectHitRange = 5; }; class Grenade; class mini_Grenade : Grenade { hit = 12; indirectHit = 12; indirectHitRange = 5; }; class GrenadeHand : Grenade { hit = 16; indirectHit = 16; indirectHitRange = 7.5; }; class MissileBase; class M_Titan_AA : MissileBase { hit = 400; }; class RocketBase; class R_TBG32V_F : RocketBase { indirectHitRange = 10; }; };
  14. I have tested it on Ultra 12000/12000. The whole system took about 6 GB of RAM and 3 GB of VRAM. If the GPU would be the limiting factor a increase or decrease in resolution should have a impact on FPS (which it has not). Therefore the low GPU workload of about 25% has to be accurate.
  15. Hello A few versions back the smoke radius was much larger. I know that the actual smoke range might be more realistic but it looks puny (and rather useless) if the AI uses it for cover. I play singleplayer only. I can alter the grenades (hit, indirect hit and so on) but I didn't figured out how to alter the smoke range. I would appreciate any help. It is the "SmokeShell" within cfgAmmo. I tried to increase the "explosionEffectsRadius" which had no effect.
  16. I have used Blastcore for quite a while until the smoke became only a small pile. The vanilla/original smoke actually looks better. Arma 3 = reinstalled yesterday (no mods) Community Base addons A3 = most recent Blastcore: Phoenix 2 = most recent
  17. A second Ti would bring no benefit because even the first one isn't fully utilised. The game is limited by the CPU (default map Altis/Stratis).
  18. No improvement. It is still running mostly on one core and my 980 Ti utilises maybe half of its performance due to CPU limitation (it is a i7 2600K @ 4.4GHz). I tried everything: -high -enableHT -cpuCount malloc ... My dream is a overall/object visibility of 12000/12000 but that will never happen. I thought about buying a i7 6700K but the GPU would be still bottlenecked by the CPU. I got rid of most mods and that helped a bit.
  19. Basically it is a good thing that the AI will notice dead bodys and destroyed vehicles but it will screw up many quests in the singleplayer campaign (or user created content ). Example: In the side mission "Immobile" (a_skirmish01.stratis) the soldiers will see the dead bodys and freak out. They will leave their animations/patrol and switch to combat mode. That is not their intended behaviour and it will hamper the immersion. this setBehavior "SAFE" does not solve the problem this setBehavior "CARELESS" let them ignore the dead vehicles but it will also make them not react to the player. The cause are destroyed cfgVehicles (dead soldiers & destroyed vehicles) Bohemia, please fix this issue.
  20. I have reinstalled ArmA3 (no mods) and the issue is still there. I have made a example of the "Immobile" side mission with the Editor (download here). The right AAF soldier is fine (he won't see the dead bodys) The left AAF soldier will go into combat mode (he sees them) The patrolling AAF soldier walks around the damaged hunter and will enter combat mode until he sees the dead bodys.
  21. Example: side mission "Immobile" from the campaign (but this could be in any mission). 4 hostile AAF soldiers patrol a ambushed Hunter with two dead nato soldiers (setDamage 1). Three of the AAF soldiers have a animation and one has waypoints. Instead of their intended behaviour they go into combat mode. That is weird behaviour and because of that a "ignore destroyed" command is needed.
  22. The issue affect's EVERY mission. Singleplayer / Showcases / Scenarios Lets say I want to create a custom mission with lots of animations and waypoints. It will be ruined because the AI will freak out if the see a dead/destroyed soldier/vehicle. I would like to have a command "ignore destroyed" that can be placed on a dead/destroyed cfgVehicle. With that I would fix the singleplayer campaign myself.
  23. This is not Call of Duty or Battlefield. ArmA3 has a great campaign and there was put a lot of effort into it. The faulty AI would waste this effort. New features are great, but if they have issues they have to be fixed. One can't just screw things up and go on. That is unacceptable. This isn't my first thread about bad AI behavior. There were issues before and they have been fixed. I have 899 hours played and not a single minute of that was multiplayer.
  24. Does BI actually playtest their game? The AI acts weird: previously calm patroling soldiers now run around like startled chickens because they get triggered somehow. This will break the immersion. Is there a chance BIS will notice (and change) such issues? I can fix it by editing every single SP mission and set half the enemies to: this setBehaviour "CARELESS"; but that is not how the game is meant to be played.