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  1. paulone

    Speed Of Sound Pure

    Bigpickle It is normal, what modification isn't compatible to the single company? At included in modifications in the story company there are no radio negotiations of soldiers.
  2. I completely support Bardo opinion. The last updates decline modification in slightly other party. It seems to me that the most part of the last innovations superfluous. This modification was the excellent spendthrift for creations of missions on the fly. Thus modification had the artificial intelligence to which developers of an arma 3 could envy. In 5 minutes it was possible to make excellent mission on the fly. The player received strong artificial intelligence in the form of collective defense, attack with corresponding reinforcements. In my opinion for further expansion of modification will best of all concentrate on the main criteria which were noted by the most part of users of a forum. - More mission wizard variants - More AI improvments - More missions' control tools
  3. paulone

    Speed Of Sound Pure

    Strange sound in quadrocopter. They make a noise louder than helicopters.
  4. paulone

    JSRS3: DragonFyre

    torrent please... ))
  5. paulone

    Speed Of Sound Pure

    Yeah. I knew that he will return ...
  6. paulone

    [SP/MP] Putin's Dream

    Spencer42 In this mission can kill Abama?
  7. spirit6 , shay_gman Hello! Why when you activate "occupation zone" is not working correctly "cache distance"? Like this video In the final version of the cache is done once, whereas in the video cache works repeatedly.
  8. Of course it is possible, but it isn't really convenient.)) It would be simpler to consider number of enemies in a zone. At achievement (reduction) of the necessary number of enemies arrives reinforcements. The helicopter arrives or there comes the truck with enemies. Such realization will keep effect of surprise and a variety.
  9. The new revised update will add advanced features reinforcements? Or this option need not wait until the next full update?
  10. paulone

    JSRS: DragonFyre -- WIP Thread

    LordJarhead Good afternoon, When do you plan to release the final version? November, December or 2015?!
  11. shay_gman In a tab spawn there is an option "reinforcement". You press - the reinforcement comes or arrives. It would be interesting if the reinforcement arrived not "by the button", and "on a condition". For example. You create a zone, units and a plot. You press beforehand at creation of the zone "reinforcement on ropes". The reinforcement will arrive at one of conditions: 1) in a zone there were not less than 10 enemies or 2) the Player with team stayed zony more than 20 minutes. That is it seems as a reinforcement call emitation on a handheld transceiver through certain time.
  12. shay_gman how to free the "C" button the screams "hands up, etc."? I do not know how to clean these screams or transfer them to another button. Can build the next version of the possibility revival through the first-aid kit (FAR Revive 1.5) and disabling fatigue?
  13. shay_gman Why in multiplayer with real players does not work landing on the ropes and landing with a parachute. Example. I choose you and your friend and I press on the parachute. After that, I'm flying in a helicopter, and my friend is not. Here is another example. We sit in the helicopter. Fly to the landing point on the ropes. We fly, helicopter freezes and throws the rope. I automatically dipped on ropes, and my friend and remains seated in the helicopter. It is normal or am I doing something wrong.