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  1. Having this same exact issue and it correlates with my issue posted here: https://forums.bistudio.com/topic/193209-tanoa-models-or-textures-are-poppingflickering/ Here's a video of what my encounters with this look like:
  2. DBlack

    [SP/CO8] A 3 - Antistasi Altis.

    I know that this question relates to trying to play the mission in a way it's not intended but I figured I'd give a shot at asking here since I'm curious and would like to have this functionality: I've tried two methods to have Zeus, and possibly Virtual Arsenal, with this mission without editing it to try and add it in myself (not sure if that would mess up anything anyway, like respawns, I know it did on another mission I liked to play). Obviously, MCC was blocked by the mission because of its possibility to alter the A.I. Here's where my curiosity-driven question comes in: I tried to use "NSS Admin Control Panel" to access Zeus. If you're familiar with this mod, with the Zeus option you can either create a new curator or force the interface. Obviously, when I forced the Zeus interface, I was unable to exit the Zeus UI without respawning (can't remember if this messed up the mission as I'm about to mention). To avoid that, I tried using the other option to "create a curator"...and it worked successfully! I dropped a couple of Prowlers and exited Zeus. It was either shortly after or after I saved and reloaded the server that I noticed that the top bar displaying the mission information was gone. I assumed that this may have caused other issues with the mission and, aside from that, that bar is pretty useful/necessary to play the mission...so I gave up on it. I have a few questions: 1) Why did creating a curator to open Zeus with NSS cause the top bar to disappear? Would that cause any other complications, out of further curiosity? 2) Is there a simple way to access Zeus or an unrestricted Arsenal without editing the mission file? Would editing the mission file cause other complications if I made the playable units able to access Zeus (I haven't looked at the mission, assuming this is what I'd do)?
  3. Hello, I've been experiencing a new, very intrusive bug, glitch, or problem (on my end) and I was hoping that someone could possibly either help me or relate to the issue. If nothing else, perhaps I can document this experience for the community, Bohemia, or the developers of the mods used where I'm seeing this major issue occur. The problem is solely with ARMA 3: Apex assets, particularly environmental (trees/foliage and, less-frequently as it seems, buildings and objects). The Problem/Glitch/Bug: Although I've been playing on a modded server, as I'll explain further below, the issue at hand is isolated to the ARMA 3: Apex terrain Tanoa and other ARMA 3/ARMA:3: Apex assets. I'll do my best to explain what's happening for me. On foot, while driving, while parachuting, or while flying aircraft, there's a worrying amount of texture popping at a rapid pace at random locations from medium-to-long ranges. These pop-ins don't seem to have any correlation with my view distance settings nor have the smoothness of the view distance cutoff that I'm used to in my 3000 hours or so of ARMA 3 gameplay. The biggest perpetrator of these pop-ins are trees and foliage, though I do think I've noticed objects or buildings do it more occasionally that I'd like. Since things like this can be hard to visualize and I'm probably not doing the best job explaining it, I've made a short video to visualize exactly what I'm talking about. Please note that, even though this could just very well be from me getting used to it or it being more obvious in certain situations, areas, or with different visibility, I feel like the problem could be worse at times and better at others -- I even often felt, before posting here, that the video may not do "justice" to the severity of the issue. YouTube video for clarification (Apologies for Teamspeak in the background, used Shadowplay - mild language): [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eAYQfFg1c_I] 0:00 - Walking 00:35 - Parchuting 2:29 - Helicopter Flight More Information (Experience, Server, Mods, Other Players' Experiences, etc.): To be completely honest, I've only been playing ARMA on one server or in one way the past few days and this is the first (possibly only) place I've noticed it, on an Exile server titled "GOAT Exile Tanoa No.1|Scripts|Missions|Active Admins|Events". This server is running the mods Exile, CBA, Extended Base Mod (Exile), CUP Units, CUP Weapons, and CUP Vehicles. For the record, the server is an EU server and I'm in the U.S. I have a decent internet connection but obviously there's a ping gap and desync (which doesn't affect my gameplay). I thought perhaps I should mention that in-case connection could have anything to do with my problem. With that said, before I began playing on this server, I was mostly playing on EU Exile servers (only on Tanoa for a bit before finding GOAT) and CCG Wasteland (EU - Only on Tanoa). I played on CCG Wasteland enough that I feel like I would've noticed anything even remotely like this issue but, alas, I haven't -- I even mostly fly helicopters on CCG Wasteland (EU - Tanoa) and I feel like that's where this problem would be most noticeable. I'm sure if anyone were to try to pinpoint the problem at this point, they'd probably say that it's the server I'm playing on or the mods that are in use. However, I've repeatedly asked the four friends I've played on this server extensively with over the past few days and they've all acted completely oblivious to any idea of what I was talking about. Showing my friend, who I've played with on this server the most, the video I linked above was a surprise for him and he reported that he hadn't seen anything like it. I've asked in chat at least two or three times and was either met with a couple of responses from people who weren't having the issue or by silence -- so it's hard to say if anyone else is experiencing this problem and just not vocal about it. I've tried to find anyone with similar issues but only came across these two Reddit threads which may or may not be the same issue or related: https://www.reddit.com/r/arma/comments/4vg9mt/weird_graphics_glitch_on_tanoa/ https://www.reddit.com/r/arma/comments/4vabaj/jsrs_apex_problem/ Bug Reproduction: I have gone into the new Eden editor, both with no mods loaded and with all of the mods the server is using, and flown around with the Eden editor camera and not noticed anything like this. I've also placed a helicopter and not noticed the same issue. I admit that I haven't done much to try to reproduce this bug/glitch/problem, since it's relatively new to me and I assumed that it was either common or a known bug that'd be fixed by Bohemia, the mod creators, or server owners. This is making me wonder if the issue has to do with the server or the added objects/players/AI (bases, loot, and missions...or perhaps a mod asset that I haven't placed in editor that has a compatibility issue). With that said, I'd assume other players on the server would be complaining, my friends that I play with (two of which are typically critical, more casual ARMA players) would've said something, or players on the server would be complaining. I've played on many, many modded servers in my time playing ARMA 3. Aside from Breaking Point, Milsim, other various older multiplayer mods, etc., I've played a ton of various Exile servers with varying mods, settings, and scripts in use and never seen anything like this. Again, however, my Tanoa gameplay has consisted of: Exile, Breaking Point, CCG Wasteland, Co-op campaign, Editor + messing around, and Steam Workshop missions. I've never experienced anything like this in any of those and only started on this Exile server a few days ago. Steps Taken to Attempt to Fix: Steam: Verifiy Integrity of Game Cache Verified all mods used by the particular server I've been playing via A3 Launcher. Checked GPU temperature System Specs: CPU: i5-4670K (not over-clocked, cooled by Corsair H-105) GPU: Nvidia GeForce GTX 970 (MSI) RAM: 16GB g.Skill Trident X SSD 1: Samsung 850 EVO (250GB) SSD 2: Samsung 850 PRO (512GB) - I don't think any mods are loading from this SSD but noted just in-case Mobo: Gigabyte Z87-DS3H Graphics Driver is up-to-date. Version: 368.81 (7/14/2016) Thank you for any and all help, it's greatly appreciated. Even if you have an idea of what the cause could be or anything I may be able to try to fix this from happening, I'd be grateful to hear it! If you need any more or other information, please let me know!
  4. I love Ospreys and you've done an amazing job with a lot of detail and hard work but, and maybe I'm stupid or have a conflicting addon, I can't for the life of me figure out how to get into the vehicle. I only get the fold wing option. For future reference for anyone else that doesn't want to dig up the readme, the class names are: pook_MV22 - USMC - unarmed 24-man transport, walkable interior pook_MV22_idws - IDWS system w/ fewer seats pook_MV22_idws_baf - BAF IDWS pook_MV22_M240 - M240 rear gun version pook_CV22 - USAF/USSOCOM - increased fuel capacity M240 version pook_MV22_baf - BAF M240 I'm not trying to discourage reading the readme though! https://onedrive.live.com/?cid=5B54FC51A7917265&id=5B54FC51A7917265%214370 Edit: Doh! This is listed as an A3 mod on PW6 but I suppose it's an A2 mod? :/ Damn! I was wondering why it was showing up kinda funky in the editor. Sorry! Edit 2: I got a sign that we need your awesome work and dedication added to ARMA 3 after I posted this and went to the mall and two MV-22 Ospreys flew over the parking lot and the mall slowly. I live in a Navy/Air Force area so no one really thought anything of it. The Navy people outside smoking cigs actually heard it coming way before I seen it. Was awesome.
  5. SaOk, This is probably only on my end because I am running quite a few mods but the latest version has an issue for me: It seems friendly and civilian (and hostile, actually. hell, even I get stuck) NPCs keep getting stuck in place and sometimes when I respawn, I do too. It's weird because I can walk backwards but not forward and the NPCs always seem to be stuck in some sort of animation of walking forward. If I lower and re-raise my weapon, it usually fixes the problem, or if I add a salute to the raising and lowering for whatever reason. I've tried disabling all AI addons and only left on weapons, vehicles, uniforms, pretty much things I thought would have no effect on the AI behavior but it didn't fix the issue. I've noticed waypoints...like AI waypoints... popping up on my map too. The friendly AI in my squad were refusing to get into vehicles. I'd have at least one stubborn squadmate all the time. This happens for me on both the official Steam version and my own "modification" of the latest version which just simply unlocks all addons for Zeus instead of just vanilla and RHS that I assume is offered by MCC when enabled (if this was a feature or an option, I'd love you, even if you unlocked zues or assets through story). Like I said, it's probably a mod but I just wanted to keep you up to date. I'll try again later with no mods, I've just been busy. [EDIT]: Not that it really helps to solve any conflict or issue but this is just an example of an NPC that's standing still: http://i.imgur.com/7hiYBCd.jpg (537 kB) You'll also notice the green waypoint in the bottom left. And again, this is probably only a problem for me but I thought it's better safe than sorry to let you know. Only weird thing is that I've never had this issue with any of these same mods before, I don't think I'm running anything different or out of the ordinary.
  6. It's all good, man! I was kidding. I appreciate all of the help and enjoy the discussion. Like I said, I know it's wrong and I know it's crazy but I just can't help myself. I'm usually a multiplayer type of guy but when it comes to singleplayer, I become a hoarder when it comes to adding content because I'm obsessed with sandboxes and having a ton of options. I've had collections with around 200 mods before I learned what trouble it could be! I have nearly 200gb of mods on my computer. I have a problem. Yeah, I know. Thank you for pointing that out though because I actually didn't know that for the longest time! I'm glad to have it down to just AiA TP right now. The problem with the mod collection I was running was that I was getting the circular dependency error when I was only running AiA TP and not AiA SA along with it. Like I said, though, I think I've finally narrowed down that problem to "@litorialcship"! Now if only I could figure out what this 'elite' addon is and what it's trying to call for as a dependency and figure out if AiA SA is still blocking toggle interfaces like my GPS! :D
  7. My apologies, my apologies. I got everything running and haven't posted simply because I've been unable to reproduce the AiA TP missing AiA Core results. I -could- embarassingly switch to a playlist with more mods running just for the hell of it and post the RPT but it seems to all have been fixed when I started over with a new PW6 collection. I believe it may have been an addon that was automatically calling on HLC as a dependency or another addon that's been replaced by CUP but I cannot confirm. Like I said, I'll have to go through the hell of trying to run way too many mods again to reproduce it and I'm fairly happy with the limit I'm pushing at the moment. I haven't tried AiA SA again, honestly. I could boot up the exact collections these problems occurred with but it's not going to be pretty. I'm sincerely embarassed to post RPT's that show me running 80+ mods, as you confirmed but I will as soon as I have the spare time to get on my PC and load up the game with the corresponding collections, for both the AiA TP and SA errors. I'm not sure what the AiA SA problem will say seeing as how it's just disabling a certain interface ability. Would I want to repeatedly try to toggle GPS/cTAB/MCC PDA and end it there? NOTE: Please no addon developer take offense that I singled out CUP and the latest MV-22 Osprey upload as possible causes of this issue/conflict/error. I'm guessing on approximation since I added all of these addons to this collection in pairs and tested each time I added a pair. It's just a guess. EDIT: My current PW6 collection is 74 addons and has no issues aside from an initial error that I believe is caused by CUP or the newest MV-22 Osprey addon but I can't be sure because the error box is vague. From memory, it's something along the lines of 'elite' requires addon ''. Yep, I don't know what "elite" is and I definitely don't know what the unnamed addon is that it requires. Also, stop stalking my posts :p I get on the forums when I have time and post what I have information for! Here's the RPT from one of the many collections I was getting the AiA TP - Circular Addon Dependency in 'AiA_Core' error. This particular collection contains way more mods than others I've had the issue with but I've already deleted those collections :/ 1)http://pastebin.com/UbVcYq81 It's worth noting that adding AiA SA fixes this problem but breaks my toggle interface elements like GPS. Here's my new, 99% probably unrelated issue if you wanna take a crack at it. I'd certainly appreciate it. Really appreciate it. (The 'elite requires addon '' error. I should've copied the RPT before hitting 'Ok' and letting the game go to menu.) 2) http://pastebin.com/puFHxBq5 [EDIT 2]: I've detected a conflict that causes problem 1's symptoms after doing some more testing. "@litorialcship" (Littoral Combat Ship (LCS-1)) caused "Circular Addon Dependency in 'AiA_Core' error" when added to my collection. There was no error after removing it once more.
  8. DBlack

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    Thank you for your timely response and know that your guy's concept is so great that you had my MANW vote before I even tried the mod. Just seeing the amount of content and dedication was enough. I appreciate it.
  9. DBlack

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    First of all, thank you for your amazing work. You guys are doing an outstanding job and this mod, as far as content goes, is a game changer for ARMA 3. You've helped to breathe new life into this game for me, keeping me locked into singleplayer missions and sandbox scenarios that I would've never given a care in the world about without RHS. Secondly, I have a tad bit of a nit-picky request: Is there any way you guys can get the full mod on PW6 and not just the individual Russian and US factions? All in Arma Standalone is on PW6 at a whopping 15+ GB so I can't see why not unless it's just too much of a bother for you guys. The reason why I ask is for two reasons a) this would make everyone's mod collection much tidier and easy to manage and maintain and b) I've found that (please don't think I'm insane) when you have over 80 addons in a PW6 collection, things stop working. I'm not trying to say that I want the full version on PW6 so I can play with 80 mods -all- the time but I mean I've literally found that 81 mods, 82 mods, etc. will make things stop working in PW6 with an assortment of different collections. I mostly want this for point a. I've downloaded the complete mod separately but I've just become too used to having things automatically updated for me with play withSix and my past days of modding in other games such as WoW with Curse. I'll admit it, I'm lazy. P.S. Thank you guys so much for taking the time to properly document everything on your website with RHS's wiki. I can't tell you how many times that's been a life-saver for me and you guys really took the time to put in some details too that add to the immersion and learning experience. I really appreciate your work and I'm looking forward to seeing what you have for us next, even if it's only to maintain current content. You have my sincerest gratitude.
  10. The problem is that this occurs even before the game loads. I'm not trying to play any particular mission. I couldn't even load ARMA and get to the editor to place a unit if I wanted. If you have any tips or ways I can help to show my problems, I'll definitely do it. I didn't come here claiming to be an expert or to complain. Yep' date=' you caught me. I came here to make AiA the villain and defame them while completely ignoring any other variables that could be causing the issue. Stop trying to start a witch hunt when I only come here to report [b']my[/b] observations. I've had this issue even when I'm only running CBA or CBA and JSRS. Who knows, maybe it's PW6? Maybe I have something going on with my game's settings that I don't know about? Obviously if I had the answer, I wouldn't come here posting. Maybe you should sort out your issues with how you perceive someone's report and respond to it and stop taking objective topics so subjectively and personally and all would be fine. Now, if anyone has any tips or would like to help me out with troubleshooting, I'm always willing to learn for myself and the betterment of the community and addons that I enjoy. So far Serjames has done his best. I'm not a complete imbecile but I never came here claiming to be an expert either. There's no reason to become defensive all because I'm stating I'm having an error when I know people who've made far more idiotic mistakes and blamed it on BI or an addon developer. I didn't come here to fabricate problems, report issues that I'm having while running 100+ mods, or whine for a quick fix. I came here to report my issue to more experienced users, seek help, and at the very least offer documentation of what's been happening for me so that maybe one day when someone's looking through the code, they might say "well, that might be an issue for someone" and fix it. Or better yet, see my posts and know what's causing it. EDIT: I'm doing a binary search now, testing different combinations, because AiA TP finally loaded up fine with just CBA, JSRS, and RHS. If nothing else, maybe I'll actually help someone further down the line who'll have the same issue. I think that addon conflicts and issues are worth investigating and documenting for players who may have future issues or for any future addon development and comparability.
  11. Not to offer a lackluster response with no modlist or RPT's as I've tested this with a couple of mod collections that only had 5-10 mods active including AiA but is it just coincidence that there was also a post about this being an issue on the 15th MEU's forum where two of their members were having the issue and is it coincidence that my problem was fixed as soon as I disabled AiA? Honestly, as far as posting a modlist or any RPT's, that would require me to test again (as I did with multiple combinations of mods that almost everyone uses such as RHS, CBA, JSRS, etc.) because I'm embarrassed to post, as you put it, all of my script errors and how much mod hoarding I do. I can get by with the little problems but this occurs rather or not I'm doing "abnormal" over-modded gameplay. I by no means expect any developer to cater to every single user's issue, that's not why I came here. I also know that it's insane when I do run way more mods than I should. This was an issue with a very small mod collection running and with a very large one running, a problem that was experienced by people that I don't even know well and just so happened to find their own private account of the issue in a Google search.. I didn't come here to complain or ask for an immediate fix that may only be affecting a few people but it seemed like one that hadn't been reported and I thought that maybe people with a little more experience and, obviously if they're making a mod that's the scope of AiA, a little more time, experience, knowledge, and dedication than I have. If I could sit here and solve the problem myself, I would've done that already. tl;dr: I'm not making this post or my one in AiA TP to complain. I'm sure I could get the maps from A2 one way or another, even if it was a way I didn't prefer such as using A3MP, but I thought it would be helpful to overall mod development and the community and its players that may be experience similar or the same issues to report it to people who have the knowledge and power to fix it because I'm obviously not the only one who's having the problem and, as we've seen, those people didn't bother to come here and report it. It begs the question how many others are having the same issue and won't bother to report the issue because "someone else will" or they can live without.
  12. @Saok Excuse me for my ignorance, especially with my last long post about how you inspired me to learn and mess around with your mission a bit but is there an easy way (either through my own doing in a de-PBO'ed version of WLA or in the menu to switch from Blufor to Opfor? Don't get me wrong, I love it the way it is but as an American it's becoming a little boring playing as the US military in every mission (or any NATO force for that matter) and I'd like to play around as a Russian (RHS) or Chinese for once.
  13. Not at all. I can't get past ARMA 3's initial loading without the error and the game closing itself. I've actually encountered this problem for months every time I make a new collection in PW6, as soon as I try to add AiA TP without AiA SA or AiA SA Lite I get errors.
  14. I'm a PW6 user and, to be completely honest, I run a PLETHORA of mods/addons...so when I started having the following issue, it took some time to figure out the cause which I've narrowed down to AiA SA/AiA SA Lite and have seen it confirmed by other players who haven't reported here. I'm not sure if I'm the only one. For a while, about a couple of weeks now, I haven't been able to toggle my GPS. I could open it, but not leave it on the screen. Likewise, any other UI addition that behaved like the GPS wouldn't stay on the screen. For example, cTab (Commander Tablet) and MCC (Mission Control Center)'s squad PDA wouldn't open because they're automatically set as a toggle rather than opening on key press and closing on release. After some Google searching, I found this thread on 15th MEU's forums where one of their users claimed that he's recently had the same issue and narrowed it down to AiA SA: http://15thmeu.net/forums/index.php?topic=32458.0 They didn't offer any solution and overall seemed rather nonchalant about it. Thing is, for me, having my GPS or my CTAB is really nice because I do a lot of piloting. I finally ended up biting the bullet, which was hard since I'm not over-exaggerating when I say I use a lot of mods/addons, and did a bit of binary exclusion and trial-and-error before eventually loading up mods one-by-one. It's hard for me to get rid of AiA SA/SA Lite, not because I personally have to have the A2 content - I have CUP and plenty of ports for that and really don't like the clutter that the (no offense and I know it's personal preference) older models offer my virtual arsenal and Zeus - but because, as I've just recently posted in the AiA TP thread, I've had an issue for about two months or so that was supposedly fixed in September or earlier. When I try to run AiA TP without AiA SA, I get errors such as missing "AiA Core" (circular dependency) but everything works perfectly with both turned off. I've checked my mods for anything that could be using AiA or conflicting with it such as previously mentioned map fixes and what-not but haven't found anything. So, there you have it, my two issues: AiA TP cannot be ran without AiA SA or AiA SA Lite and both AiA SA versions seem to break the GPS toggle option and any other mod that uses a similar UI toggle.
  15. It seems, at least for me - a PW6 user, that trying to use AiA TP without AIA SA or AIA SA Lite still returns errors about missing AiA Core and the like.