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  1. augstar

    Aug A3 SF

    i dont finde a uvmaper for the modell so the work is still now but when you help me i can give you the modell when you want finsih it
  2. augstar

    Aug A3 SF

    here a pic from the uvmap
  3. augstar

    Aug A3 SF

    Hey Guys i need your help i need a 3d artist to finish the modell and uvmap i can script the modell and bring it in game but i need help it to crate the modell the endmodell orginal
  4. Here a little Replacement helms and vest update
  5. Here a little Replacement air and vest update Teamleader Vest and a Kaz 03 with Gloves
  6. Here a little Replacement air and vehicle update Blackhawk Uh60 as S-70 Blackhawk Dingo
  7. Here a little Replacement vehicle update The Stryker for the MTPZ Pandur The Stryker for the SanPzRd Pandur The Man Truck for the Rough terrain Lorry ÖAF The Man Truck for the Rough terrain Lorry ÖAF (Dessert)
  8. I am no longer a member of OEMod
  9. Hey, the AUT-Mod shall support the Austrian Forces in Arma III. The Mod shall content more than just textures, including Weapons and Vehicles. At the moment I am working nearly alone, so every help is wellcome. The Mod also contents standby vehicles, because the game often does not include austrian verhicles. Contents Aut_Items (All of this Items are allready included) -Helmets (Helmet with cover, Helmet without cover, Helmet without cover and protective goggles) -Cap (Camouflage with badge - Green,Desert,Black) -Booniehat (Camouflage with badge - Green,Desert,Black) -Beret (many Colors with badge) -Balaclava (Gray) -Battle Helmet (with and without googles - Green and Desert) -Backpacks -Mg74 Aut_mantrucks -2 Camouflage of a Transporttruck (Brownngray, Desert) C-130 -with Austrian Camouflage Aut_Soldaten -Uniforms (Standart Uniform and with Desert Camouflage) Aut_Dingo -2 Camouflage (Green und Desert) Aut_Puch G -Some Versions of the Landrover is taken as a substitute for the Puch G. Stryker -2 Versions Mtpz and Sanpz is taken as a substitute for the Pandur. Planned Vehicles Pandur Dingo Ulan M-109 A5Ö Puch G Unimog Pinzgauer Iveco Aircraft Uh1 S-70 Blackhawk Eurofighter EF2000 Arms Par 66/79 Ssg 69 The Aug is from the Toadie2k Aug Mod I do have the permissions to use all Models, which are used in ths Mod, from the Creators special thanks BlackPixxel[TF47] (Config and Help) TomNerdy (Model, Textures, Config) Marseille77 (Model) Toadie2k (Help, Model, Textures) Massi (Model) craig (Model)
  10. augstar

    StG77 (AUG A1) WIP

    New Updates [/color][/img]
  11. Hey guys, I really depend on your help. Because the Aug is at the end-phase, I need to ask wether I can get help on that. Just the uvmaps, textures and animations are missing, may anyone help me with that? Therefore thanks in advance http://media.oemod.at/wip/oemod_stg77/oemod_stg77_wip_a_20140719.png
  12. augstar

    SMA (Specialist Military Arms) mod

    i know, but can you make the the austrian version of the msar. since it already gives the MSAR it'd not make such a big Proleme and I would be very grateful if you could also modify the weapons I know who it goes with the visor as a partner and the aug a1 but the builds right now in abroad for an indefinite time thank you for your answer with best regands Augstar
  13. augstar

    RH wip Thread

    Hey Robert, can you make the aug A3 Sf here any pics http://cfile235.uf.daum.net/image/1655FB584DBF579C19620F http://www.doppeladler.com/da/wp-content/uploads/2013/10/jgb-25-11.jpg