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  1. i meant this let it save, pilgrimage was able to save their options and i didnt have to press anything else other than just play after setting it up the first timethis mission will not be fully stable by the time it reaches october :\
  2. you have too many 'toggles' now adays, let our toggled options be saved so we dont have to do it again after restart also, i check what sling loading is on youtube, why are your adding experimental content to your mission??
  3. ive read the armaholic page and it looks amazing hearing that you make the AI to think better on their own i have to ask, how is this with bcombat or ASR AI?? are they compatible? if not which ones do i need to disable (or a specific feature i need to turn off) also will it ruin campaign?
  4. Suggestion: ability to obtain chain task (not just a simple do this and finish task) missions through Green and/or NATO base camps, NATO and Green have their own versions of missions related to their faction -ex. NATO focuses more on military missions GreenFor focuses more on resistance and improving altis relations Suggestion: change the intel gathered from civilians to 'ability to know where the nearest enemy camp/bases are' as the intel gained knowing where the enemy vehicles/infantry is most of the time unreliable or sometimes way too far from my position Q: whats the point of the new task "gather crates from pier to supply the nearby blue base" if they are just gonna disappear the next time i come back? ---- well.. maybe not just a chain task, but a difficult task with execution and orders similar to the campaign w/ briefing -ex. meet up with this group and join together to do this task then make your way up to the escape route or eliminate this camp to make way for the attack choppers but a sudden AA tank with backup infantry ambushed and your tasked to eliminate them issue: im gonna bring up my suggestion about limiting both vehicle zones to 30 (both sides) because im already losing frames at the start my FPS is normal but once the vehicle zones start to clump up im losing frames slowly but surely maybe the reason im losing frames is because the game is trying to handle that much vehicle zones virtually similar to the game trying to handle that many active units around the map - this, go here -that, go there -you, defend that base -you, attack that base currently theres 35 NATO, 13 Green, and... 69... CSATs i doubt it would actually hurt the new game flow anyway since those vehicle zones also spawn infantry/MRAP/APC backup Bug: disable the civilian spawns in military related structures, because they like to do a suicide jump off the tallest military structure of the game :) Suggestion: add 2 condition to trigger the task, NATO decided to create a supply route (similar to resistance creating a checkpoint guardpost) and if there are nearby vehicle zones around that newly created supply route just to make things more... realistic, as its better than an enemy popping out of nowhere Suggestion: task "defend crashed chopper" add a condition that if there is no nearby enemy vehicle zones, there is no need to defend it. i finished this task late because it wasnt a priority and was already in deep NATO territory (just above the NATO base camp) its unrealistic to see that CSAT would still bother to pick it up Suggestion: add a limit of 3 POW camps, i have 27k worth of prestige and dont know what the hell im gonna do about it. and yes... ive improved my skills on how to capture a CSAT infantry earning 120+ per tick Bug? task "defend the beach" i was expecting an attack boat assault or CSAT infiltrating via boats but since im far from location i got land infantries and a kamyash instead. CSAT infiltrating NATO territory through sea via boats and attack boats would be more realistic
  5. Bug: Help NATO/Green forces enter tasks automatically completes itself after some time Bug: i dont know the current situation of this part of the area of the map but im pretty sure with that many CSAT forces that base should be captured by now... if so the borders should be deleted, but because its not the new task "disable mortar teams at border" went there instead Script Error: obtained after talking to the capture CSAT infantry (after destroying the downed chopped) or... its just that it appears when i open the construction menu... nope, still getting it Error Undefined variable in expression: _actor Error loading control missions\__cur_sp.altis\description.ext/ConstructionDialog/controls/_CT_SLIDER_1901/ Error loading control missions\__cur_sp.altis\description.ext/ConstructionDialog/controls/_CT_SLIDER_1900/ Error loading control missions\__cur_sp.altis\description.ext/ConstructionDialog/controls/_CT_SLIDER_1902/ Cannot create non-ai vehicle , Error in expression <Until {sleep 5; _aika < time || {isNull _actor} || {_pA distance _actor > 50}}; > Error position: <_actor} || {_pA distance _actor > 50}}; > Error Undefined variable in expression: _actor Cannot create non-ai vehicle , Error in expression <Until {sleep 5; _aika < time || {isNull _actor} || {_pA distance _actor > 50}}; > Error position: <_actor} || {_pA distance _actor > 50}}; > Error Undefined variable in expression: _actor Error in expression <Until {sleep 5; _aika < time || {isNull _actor} || {_pA distance _actor > 50}}; > Error position: <_actor} || {_pA distance _actor > 50}}; > Error Undefined variable in expression: _actor Error in expression <Until {sleep 5; _aika < time || {isNull _actor} || {_pA distance _actor > 50}}; > Error position: <_actor} || {_pA distance _actor > 50}}; > Error Undefined variable in expression: _actor Suggestion: 'protect supply roads' task should be near or outside borders, kinda unrealistic to see a heavy attack coming from inside our territory ----- ladies and gents i present to you AIR vs LAND seriously this is imbalanced .... Issue: they did it again, they "magically" captured a supply route (well not again... last time it was the pier). just because im not there doesnt mean automatically lose, that part is way far back inside the NATO territory you should add some additional conditions or a proper calculation on how that task is handled when its in the reserved/virtual(far away from me) zone Bug: is it me or someone is "magically" building a wall to keep me at the other side of the map :O and still keeps on building.... Bug: a double trigger of events...first CSAT successfully captured the blue base, then a few minutes later "successfully defended the camp" returning it to its blue state Q: CSAT dont bother recapturing green bases? maybe after CSAT sun rising chapter? i honestly have no idea what chapter i am in already though
  6. do armored vehicle zones normally pass through the sea?? because i think they are starting a conga line... http://i62.tinypic.com/wsn4w.jpg also after doing this my vehicle zone assets now continuously spawn
  7. every unit in the map is given a randomized weapon right?? it might be that script is affecting players too
  8. wow, with all the features i see- it looks like an RPG shooter... i love it, will test it when i have time --- keep it up, also make sure you actually play your own mission to test out bugs & issues that might appear
  9. Q: why need multiple voices (in option) when you only have 1 voice actor for the main character, choose the character voice that fits your VO bug: enemy squad able to call out mortar strikes when theres no mortar zone within 4 klicks of my map suggestion: the resistance leader im suppose to rescue at the beginning of the game feels lonely at that giant prison camp... could you add 3-4 more prisoners for players to rescue (as an optional thing)? rescuing them gives 50 prestige each ---- you gave us the arsenal at the start but your revive feature randomizes the gun we chose to use :\ issue: (friendly) chopper vehicle zones runs out of fuel sooner or later (i lost 2 chopper zones)... especially if they are active and not in virtual suggestion: give them a command that they should land and refuel on the nearby airfield (if it works that way) Bug: My vehicle zone assets (after capturing a pier from NATO sitrep) doesnt continuously spawn, i gained like 6 chopper zones but after that none... however, after CSAT miraculously captured my pier by two vehicle zones that appeared out of nowhere (even though that pier is surrounded by friendly camps and the border between CSAT and friendly is 5 klicks away) and recaptured it back, i gained 4 slammer vehicle zones and 1 fast mover zone Bug: loosing that pier also means loosing all your pier points earned i earned 0.5 from a civilian and another from the capture, you get all the pier points back though after recapturing it issue: after playing 1-2 hours my FPS drops to below 10, and its capped at 10... i resolved this by restarting arma 3 again (happened twice already) which is weird because this never happened in the previous version
  10. at the beginning of the mission i got "take down fleeing CSAT commander" that says csat is getting weaker... i guess its suppose to trigger when CSAT barely have any vehicle zones left? but the game is still starting so the task trigger got fooled thinking CSAT is losing ---- i dont get your revive script, i have like 54 hp (TPW hud) left and im considered dead?? so im basically playing with only half my health :\ and yes im putting this issue now because before i have a revive mod but its way outdated now
  11. finally started to play your mission again, i got curious with "begin with arsenal" but as usual i start at night... so i couldnt see anything properly
  12. it takes time to restore an abandoned civilization to its former glory
  13. how to initiate this sqf after respawn, because it normally works through out the game but when respawning after dying i lose it player setUnitRecoilCoefficient 0.5;