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    Saving Equipment in Campaign

    Same problem here. Even in the Adept campaign. The vehicles I use to get back to my camps are saved but all the stuff, I gathered and stashed in the vehicles during my patrol, is gone when I return to the camps. It's not saved in the crates and this way the side-missions are a complete waste of time.
  2. TheSaintHD

    Scouting and side missions FAQ

    Unfortunatly nearly all the stuff I bring back "home" is not saved. At least not the weapons and the attechements. Last side-mission I did was to attack a checkpoint. I succeeded and looted a Zamaak full with weapons, ammonution, attechements. I took several Mk20C with ammo and a LMG also with 6 ammobelts, but none of those where saved in the weaponstorage back in the camp near Bomos. The funny thing is that my Zamaak is saved and I can use it to go on patrol again.:confused::confused: The most disappointing thing is that I found a NATO weaponbox in the north of the camp near Bomos with different very good weapons, ammonition, suits, NVGs and other stuff. I looted as much as possible into my quadbike but all the loot was gone when I returned back into the camp. This is so frustrating, please someone help me because if my collected weapons aren't saved in the HQ all the patroling doesn't make any sense. I really did everything exactly the way it was written in the first post here but nothing. Little funfact: Last time I've played the campain some months ago, I could do the sidemissions, looting the good stuff into a car, drive back and everything was saved. Except the cars. They weren't but I didn't care, because I didn't need them anymore. Another thing is, that the "patrol starting screen" where I see those icons to choose where I want to start my patrol didn't appear last time. I just started patrolling in the exact direction I left my camp. So if I went out of the camp north I automaticly started my patrol north of the camp. I also don't remember to had the option to choose a ATV at the camp to start my patrol.