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  1. J. Rainey

    Special Operations Armory

    It's been a couple weeks, any update on this? Even if it's just a "Yeah we're still working on it"
  2. Who Are We? Air Combat Command (ACC) is a United States Air Force based Milsim unit comprised of multiple Squadrons including Fixed Wing, Rotary, Rescue, and Infantry. During our Operations we hold ourselves to a certain standard, while also understanding this is a game and making sure everybody is having fun. Every Squadron has a set of responsibilities to accomplish while working together seamlessly when necessary. Outside of Operations we’re all a big group of friends from all over the globe. We have members currently serving in the Military, some Retired, and some in the Reserves, from every branch. Squadrons: 24th Special Tactics Squadron (24th STS) - Essentially the guys on the ground who call in airstrikes for all of our support aircraft. 48th Rescue Squadron (48th RQS) - Comprised of two Elements; Archangle and Pedro Flight. Archangle is the team of Pararescueman serving mainly as Combat Search And Rescue, as well as emergency on-the-ground medical support. Pedro Flight is the team of pilots and crew chiefs that make up the rotary wing of the 48th RQS. 107th Fighter Squadron - A-10C Pilots 421st Fighter Squadron - F-16C Pilots 194th Fighter Squadron - F-15C Pilots 966th Air Control Squadron - AWACS and KC-135 Pilots Requirements: Age: 16+ for Infantry, 18+ For Pilot Working microphone Be able to properly speak English Contact Us: Website - http://www.aircombatcommand.com/ Teamspeak - acc.ts.nfoservers.com If you have any questions regarding recruitment, please either PM me or join our Teamspeak and talk to a Command Member. Media:
  3. Who are we? The 3rd Special Forces Group is currently a small group of people who got together and wanted to have some fun while still remaining fairly realistic when it comes to operations. We all like to goof around and have fun, but when we get into operations, we know that it's time to do business. We have a wide range of ages and ethnicity, and don't discriminate against anybody. What are we looking for? We have no required age, as long as you are mature Must have working microphone Must have legal copy of ArmA3 Must be willing to learn and work with others Be able to play ArmA proficiently Contact Us: Teamspeak - What roles are currently open? Currently we are looking for people of all roles, but have some primary roles we would like to fill. SF Team Members: Operator (ranges from Rifleman, Grenadier, etc.) Medic Air Crew: SOAR - Pilots (Rotary & Wing) Gunners Useful Information: Modpack Size - 28.5GB Current Roster Size - 16 Members Current Deployment: *Having just finished our first selection cycle, we are currently in between deployments. We will take the next 1-2 weeks to train tasks* Terrain - TBD Operations Remaining - TBD
  4. J. Rainey

    "Spawn Vehicle" Option

    That's neat, but I was looking for a way to open the Virtual Arsenal Garage, similar to how you would put in "0 = ["AmmoboxInit",[this,true]] spawn BIS_fnc_arsenal;" to open the Virtual Arsenal.
  5. So, I'm trying to make a training mission that will be open to any additional mod you decide to use (Vehicle, Weapon, Uniform, etc.) And I'm set up the virtual arsenal for gear, that's easy. But now I want to have a menu option to spawn vehicles on an object, let's just say a flag pole for example. When you select this option, it brings up a menu like the VA vehicle garage so you can select any vehicle you want, including any mods you have enabled. Is this possible, and if so how do I go about doing it? The simpler the better, but if it's a complex thing I'm willing to go through the trouble. Thanks in advance!
  6. For some odd reason, no buildings or anything are showing up. Seeing as I'm new to this, it's probably a super simple fix. Any ideas?
  7. J. Rainey

    [WIP] Static animations pack

    Any chance of getting some pistol poses? Hopefully :D
  8. I decided to do something different, and rather than just taking photos, I made a backstory and report to go along with them. Hope you enjoy. "Operation: Flood Zone" Mods Used: RHS:AFRF & USF, TRYK, Spec4Gear, VSM - Warfighters, RH M4, RH acc, Esseker, CUP Weapons (I believe), and a custom uniform.
  9. J. Rainey

    VSM - FaceMasks

    Oh my gosh these look insanely good!
  10. J. Rainey

    Ominous Gaming [OG] A3L Roleplay & Milsim

    Alrighty, it's been a little while. The server is doing well, we have quite a few people on the server daily, we have active devs (me being one) We have roleplay opportunities that other communities don't. We recently changed our Teamspeak from Villayer, because as mentioned before, Villayer sucks and isn't very reliable. So we switched to another provider, with the new IP - ominousgaming.ts.nfoservers.com - Just connect, talk to staff/Support to get your tags and addon info, download the mods and hop on in the server. We have great people, and we're looking for more :)
  11. J. Rainey

    Ominous Gaming [OG] A3L Roleplay & Milsim

    Here's the thing, I don't need to bump the thread. You're doing that for me whenever you complain.
  12. J. Rainey

    Ominous Gaming [OG] A3L Roleplay & Milsim

    Actually, we've been up for over a week with no problem. Constructive criticism is welcome, but if you're gonna come on the thread just to be rude, get something better to do with your life. Thanks :) The only time I post on this thread is when I have a legitimate update. I'm not "bumping" the thread, and if you consider that bumping, then go take a look at every other thread on this forum. There's a reason I'm not banned yet.
  13. J. Rainey

    Ominous Gaming [OG] A3L Roleplay & Milsim

    We upgraded our Teamspeak, this one has more slots due to us having more people in the server daily. New Teamspeak: tscan3.vilayer.com:10001
  14. J. Rainey

    Ominous Gaming [OG] A3L Roleplay & Milsim

    If you're legitimately interested, we're working hard everyday to develop new content. We intend to add a lot of stuff within the next week, so expect it very soon. Maybe even today or tomorrow.
  15. J. Rainey

    Ominous Gaming [OG] A3L Roleplay & Milsim

    I'm simply keeping everybody up to date. Not necessarily a bump.