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  1. Is there really no solution to this overly annoying problem?
  2. Since the newest version of A2OA I can't properly run the game in a fullscreen window anymore. Before the patch (the one that tweaked the gameplay a little, not just security stuff) the game started in a regular window mode with it's bottom edge right above the main Windows bar, but going into video settings automatically put it into a fullscreen window. I only had to put my 3D resolution back to 100% as it went down to 50% for some reason, and then it stayed like that. I've kept my config files and haven't changed anything to the settings, but now it just stretches halfway through the main bar (and stays covered by it), and I just can't get it back again. I've put every ...W= and ...H= parameters in my config file to 1920 and 1080, as this is my resolution, and set it to read-only, but the game window just stops above the main bar and going into video settings no longer stretches it over the whole screen. I've even tried a certain borderless windowed tool, but whenever I use it and successfuly cover the entire screen with the game, it puts my 3D resolution very low and going into video settings resets the window size to what it was before. Exactly the same happens for Take on Helicopters, which I think didn't get any recent update like A2OA did, so it might even be caused by upgrading from Win 8 to Win 8.1, but I doubt that
  3. Hyperion101

    Warfare BE

    Could anyone please tell me how to change the default parameters? I searched all day and couldn't find an answer. I can change the parameters when I start the game, but after I exit, they're gone and I have to do it all again. Isn't there any way to change the default ones? I extracted the .pbo mission into a folder, found the Init_CommonConstants.sqf file (as suggested by BI wiki), rewrote a few things in the AI part, saved it and packed into .pbo again. But nothing was changed ingame. I can't even understand why the AI is disabled everytime, even although in all 4 BE warfare missions, there is defaultly a line in the file, saying: if (isNil "WFBE_C_AI_TEAMS_ENABLED") then {WFBE_C_AI_TEAMS_ENABLED = 1}; So I downloaded the WFBE_ParametersSetter program from BE website and opened the folder in that. It also said that the AI and other things I've previously changed in the text file, are still on the same value as in the game. I also don't understand how to use this program- after changing the params, it gives me a piece of text code that I don't know where to put, looking like this: class Missions { class 56_warfarev2_073-2litecohc_Takistan { template = "56_warfarev2_073-2litecohc.Takistan"; difficulty = "veteran"; class Params { WFBE_C_AI_DELEGATION = 0; WFBE_C_AI_MAX = 16; etc., the rest of variables declared here... So does anyone know where to put this thing? I tried pasting it right under the text in Init_CommonConstants.sqf, but after starting ingame, it gives me an error "Script Common\Config\Core_Root\Root_any.sqf not found". Again, all I want to do is to change the default parameters. I apologize if there is any clear way to do it, but I am already tired after spending hours by searching for such a thing... EDIT Just found where to change the default params, it's all in the Parameters.hpp file under the Rsc folder. So, after all, the Init_CommonConstants has no effect at all. I hope I'm doing it the right way now and nothing can get wrong this time, it would also be nice to be able to change the values while the server is running but I guess that isn't possible, right? I just cannot find the other thing I am looking for- where to change the default player loadout? I don't like that I don't spawn with a GPS, is there any way to change it? Found where I can change the presets, but not the default one you spawn with
  4. Is anyone still playing on this server? Anyone plans to join? I wish I could play some ToH again, never tried the multiplayer and now I cannot play even SP after screwing up the campaign with an unreversible helicopter selling mistake...
  5. So I decided to see if anyone is playing the MP, after completely screwing my campaign by selling one helicopter and not being able to revert it back since the property and money saves separately from saves. After clicking the multiplayer button I got an almost minute-lasting freeze and then it appears blank. Then, if I refresh the server list by changing filters or clicking the refresh button, it lags for like 15 seconds. I'm afraid this also causes me to not be able to see any servers as the list is completely blank, or is this game really so dead?? i5 4670K @3.8GHz GTX760 2GB 8gb RAM ---------- Post added at 10:50 ---------- Previous post was at 10:46 ---------- After further reading, I found that Arma's server lists are up even although the GameSpy is down, but ToH's aren't. So, is there any server still running, that I can connect to using an IP address?
  6. I would like to finally finish this game, why does the campaign community for both Arma and ToH have to be so dead?
  7. Someone help me please, I don't want to start the campaign from the start. I've even lost the light helicopter now, as someone said that if you sell it and then abort and play the heliport again, it'll reappear...
  8. Alright I need to bump this again as I am also stuck in the campaign because of money. I sold the heavy one before the mission as I thought that I might first try the medium one instead of jumping straight into the heavy ones (without any tutorial btw), so I sold the red Vrana corp one that just appeared on my heliport and bought a medium one just to find that I cannot do the mission with it and neither revert it back. I can revert back the missions but not my cash and heliport status?? I think this really needs to be fixed. I would be glad if someone finally found some money bug which would help me fix this, I somewhere saw that "x call bis_fnc_heliportmoneyadd;" where x is how much money you want added will give you how much you need, but it just shows "$ any" in the upper right corner of a mission where I edit it at...
  9. I've just got to that point where I'm asked to bring a heavy load into some veteran show, by the heavy red Vrana corp heli which was suddenly brought to my heliport. Well I thought that I don't want to have such a quick jump from the little one to a big one so I decided to sell it and buy a civil medium one instead. Well that was a big mistake which I cannot take back by even starting off the older campaign missions! I don't have even 200 000 now, I cannot continue the campaign by rebuying it again. I've already completed the 3 side missions and it seems like the 2 rescue / search ones will be available forever as a very little income of 30k / 35k, not to mention that I would have to do the tedious rescue mission around 20 - 30 times to get some cash again, for the heavy chopper! Why is it so confusing when it comes to loading an older points in the campaign, and the money or your current equipment just overwrites all the older points in the campaign, as if it was saved separately? Is there any easy way to put the big helicopter back and remove the medium one? Or maybe a simple cheat? I read here on this forums about a function but unfortunately I cannot even test it myself as I have no knowledge on how to use it and where, I've never even done any logic stuff in the Arma editor EDIT: Added that function in the editor to be triggered by BLUFOR and spawned as a US soldier in the area. After that, $ANY appeared in the upper right corner and my campaign cash is still unchanged
  10. I see no option to run the game as CO. It worked fine before, I just installed Arma 2, played it, then OA and Arma 2 was automatically in there. Now, after installing ACE and bunch of other modes through PlayWithSix, it also worked fine but I wanted to try it without PWS and ACE only, so I created a few -mod= parameters in the launch options and started the game. I even verified files of both games, no luck. I now get errors about missing Arma 2 stuff, even my ACR has disappeared. Why does installing mods always have to be such a pain? Running the CMD file was fine but in menu I still got an "Error: creating weapon CZ_750_51_ACR with scope=private" and during startup that the ACE requires addon 'CATracked2_AAV'. If I run the game normally afterwards, it's Arma 2 is missing again. I also cannot finish the BAF campaign now, many files (mainly structures) suddenly disappeared! Suddenly, all the problems are gone once I disable ACE/CBA/jlib and Arma 2 appears again in the game