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  1. AlexeiGuba

    Problems with LAV25 AI

    What are you babbling about? The LAV25 had 3 crew members: commander, driver and gunner. Armed UAZs have driver and gunner. The commander of teh LAV cannnot fire cause he has no weapon to fire. Only the gunner can. Placed a LAV25 on Utes, with a Ural driving towards is. LAV opened fire on the Ural just fine, no problems at all. Vanilla CO used, no fancy Mods or addons at all.
  2. AlexeiGuba

    Leonard Nimoy (Star Trek's Mr. Spock) has died

    :( So sad. Rest in peace Mr. Spock.
  3. "East" and "West" are sides, not factions. And they are the same in OFP, A1 and even A2. Your first problem is that the OFP configs have no factions defines, like "USMC", "CDF" or "RU". And that no script can fix, you have to edit the config files for that. The next problem, and thats much bigger, is that ArmA cant read the OFP p3d model format which is why nothing shows up. There is no easy solution for that. You have to write proper configs and convert the model to the A1 format. And for that you need the source model (in mlod format).
  4. AlexeiGuba

    L119A1 Pack

    No idea why none of the links work anymore, same at Armaholic. Found it on my drive and uploaded it for you: L119A1 Pack 1.1 @ MEGA
  5. AlexeiGuba

    FDFmod 1.0

    Maybe to late now but here are all included SP/MP Missions: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B6ReXeCgmCl5bWIwbUQxN2tCMTA Just unpack the "Missions" and "MPMissions" folders into your A2 folder.
  6. AlexeiGuba

    Weapon On Back for AI?

    Yes, unit having their rifle on back doesn't work anymore since ArmA. If you don't need the unit walking around with their rifle on back like in the old days, you can make it play an animation like "UnaErc_UnaErcPoslechVelitele" The animation you should call in a trigger, or in a script with: unitname switchMove "UnaErc_UnaErcPoslechVelitele"; If you want to make sure the unit switching the animation back to default, you can lock it with: unitname disableAI "ANIM"; Hope this helps :-)
  7. These birds are awesome, that and the rocket site you just released. Great to see there's still unique content created for a dying game!
  8. Good thing. Maybe things like this stop people stealing stuff just because they can. It's bad enough that almost every thread in the A2 forum is infested by some A3 kid begging for the stuff being ported over.
  9. Once again the community, and BI customers, must fix what BI has broken and is refusing to fix (what said customers paid for). Thanks for all your hard work to fix ArmA2, so we can still enjoy the last true BI simulation.
  10. AlexeiGuba

    would you still buy any BI product ?

    TeilX pretty much said it all. No. Not another ArmA or any other of there "experiements". ArmA - rushed and pushed out quickly to avoid bankruptcy. Full of bugs which were never fixed completely. Hell, there was even stuff broken that worked in OFP. And I don't even speak about the campaign. ArmA Queens Gambit - A quickly slapped together expansion to make some quick cash. The community could have this done quicker, and in a way better quality ArmA2 - Compared to A1 a pretty good product but still had a lot of problems. ArmA2 OA - Maybe the best they ever produced, but of course with the new features introduced even more bugs were coming. Unfortunately they started already this future crap with everyone running around with SCARs. ArmA2 Expansions - Started pretty good with BAF, then gone downhill quickly with the worst CZ expansion - again quickly slapped together and bug ridden. ArmA3 - LOL, just LOL. Another bug ridden product. Probably pushed out quickly again to avoid another bankruptcy. Looks good but that's maybe all. 1 and half year later there are still massive problems everywhere. Take on Helicopters - Could have been a nice game if done right. But instead it was just another fancy idea and experiement which was abandoned after a quick DLC release. Carrier Command - Big Marketing blah blah, and then only bugs, bugs and even more bugs. Plus promises which were never kept. Abandoned too, of course. DayZ Standalone - Still not finished. And probably never will. Why they should? The fanbois bought the pre-alpha already, so why finishing something that has been paid long time already. So no, after all these disappointments, crap releases and bugs carrying over from 13 years ago: I'm no more buying a single BI game. Not even if I can get for 50%. Maybe if there's a new management which will focus on one product and make it right instead running 10 different projects at once and nothing is done right.
  11. AlexeiGuba

    CWR2 coop pack

    What he is trying to say is that he doesn't use Steam at all. And without Steam he can not create anything for A3. And even if, how he should do these missions for A3 when there are not the islands for A3? Why is it that in almost every A2 thread someone from A3 comes and demands that the stuff is ported to A3? Is the game still so crappy that every little bit must be ported over? And are there not enough other creative people who can create a 200 mission package? Well sucks if A3 is all about "Life simulation" I guess. :cool:
  12. Can confirm that bad performance near this "Panelak" buildings. From 50 - 60 FPS outside Corazol down to ~20 when in or nearby these things. The 8 story ones are the worst I think. It's good to have more enterable rooms, but I think now there are just too many. Plus some of the rooms you opened are so small you cant even walk in so they are a waste of performance. Opening only one apartment on every floor would have been enough maybe. Now its too late of course as the work is already done. But maybe you can have two versions of these buildings: One fully enterable and a "classic" one. Then you can mix them when there are many of them in one place - like in Corazol.
  13. Great to see you guy(s) are still working on making the best Sahrani ever. :)
  14. I am afraid no one at BI cares if you like Steam or not. If you want to use 1.63 you are forced to use Steam or get lost. The only alternative you have is sticking with 1.62 and eventually the last Steam-Free beta patch.
  15. You could work with Lester's good old invisible targets: http://www.ofpec.com/addons_depot/index.php?action=details&id=36 When I remember right, they are objects you place in the editor and the AI then accepts them as valid targets, no matter what is behind that invisible target.