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  1. I don't know what exactly, if anything, how the flight model for this is different from the vanilla little bird, but damn this thing flies great. I feel like i can land her almost anywhere with no stress. Still loving this guys !

    Thank you our Intention with Flight model is to make it as Realistic in arma But also Try and keep it as fun as possible {Personally my self i love Flying this Around Its just Good fun}

  2. Btw, do you allready have a bug report for the floating issue or do you need more informations about it? If you need somebody to do some investigation, I could take a look also.

    Did you guys maybe think of adding a hiddenselection to the tail number section, so units with fixed fleet can adjust the tailnumbers to their needs?

    Still loving it.

    We are aware of the Floating issue we are trying to work towards a AFM stable fix but at this time the AFM isnt High on our priority's

    As for the Tail numbers this is something I belive is planned down the line but Requires a few other things To be Created First

    @Teddybear1 i will look into a zeus CAS module may take me some time

  3. hey guys,

    is there any mod that enables entering and walking inside vehicles? For instance, lower the ramp of a transport heli like the ch 47, walk inside. Then lower the ramp again in midair and make a helo jump. In the vanilla game one can enter vehicles and sit at fixed positions only, say the gunners or back seat. Does anyone have an idea how to make it happen?

    sadly no this isnt possible 1 it would require editing models witch cannot be done

    2 i believe the engine doesn't allow it i have been shows some wip stuff but nothing reliable and not very usable

  4. i would like to ask if anyone would be willing to spend the time talking / helping through making a terrain start to finish have basic experience in arma3 modding i have or can get all software needed .

    like to think i have some great idea but i am struggling with written tutorials

    very eager to learn as terrains in arma have always fascinated me

    i have ts3 skype steam ect

    any response would be great :cool:

  5. Sorry to repost this it got lost under all that beta stuff


    Hey guys first of very nice work just checked out the beta good stuff coming is see only got 1 issue will the Bradlys handling be worked on as it stands at the moment i can turn on the spot in a second and the turning is similar to that making it difficult to drive this week in my unit we had 1 flip out and kill a whole squad XD